The Mission of the Catholic Youth Apostolate is to help all young people hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and to help all young people actively respond to the Gospel message and enthusiastically participate in the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.
2016 Awards Banquet

Have you seen Outstanding Sportsmanship? Let us know.

We invite fans, officials, coaches and players to keep an eye out for Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) at your games.  When you spot one/many, please let us know by sending a brief description of the act to .  Please include names, team names, date and time of game.  Here are a couple of RAS that happened recently:

St. Simon's 7th Grade Baseball Team coached by Tony Patrico - Here is a note from the St. Mark's coordinator to Tony Patrico...

Tony, I just wanted to say what a first class act your coaches and team from St. Sion are to recognize Brett Haubrich form St. Mark before your game last night.  What a display of sportsmanship for all those boys to see.

For those that don't know, Brett has a brain tumor that he is continuing to get treatment on and surgery that has left him with less than 100% on one side.  Brett continues to play baseball.  Brett continues to touch everyone in some way everyday.  Thanks Coach Patrico and St. Simon for recognizing Brett, that is the True meaning of CYC sports right here!

A portion of Coach Patrico's reply:  Thank you.  Just seeing Brett come outto those late games even after a day of treatment, he is amazing.  When you see Brett playing ball with his buddies, and I'm like wow, I'm glad we're here tonight.

Volleyball Official, Shawn Collins and St. Joseph-Imperial 8th grade girls volleyball coach, Brian Carosone.  Shawn was recognized for being very gracious and patient as he took time to answer question by coaches and players.  Plus when there was a issue with the score, he calmly took time to sort it out and get it correct.  Coach Carosone was very positive, not only to his players, but also players on the other team.  He complimented good play on both sides of the net and went out of his way after the game to give an opposing player a nice compliment on her play.

Remember, Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports!

SLU VB invites CYC to Youth Volleyball Night

Friday, September 16 at 7pm in the Chaifetz Pavillion St. Louis University takes on Murray State.  SLU invites all CYC players in their team jerseys to watch for FREE and cheer on the Billikens.  A few of the Billiken players are former CYC players!  Family and friends can join for only $4 each.  CLICK HERE and enter Promo Code BILVBY to get your discounted $4 tickets.

Olympic Sportsmanship

Two stories of Olympic Sportsmanship are examples of how Sportsmanship fits in even at the highest levels of competition.


Their on-track collision ended their hopes for gold, silver, or bronze at the Olympics. But their sportsmanship at that moment will earn American Abbey D’Agostino and New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin an Olympic medal given to a rare few.

Not even the great Michael Phelps has one.

D’Agostino and Hamblin were running in their 5,000 meter preliminary heat when they tripped over one another. D’Agostino helped Hamblin to her feet. Then the two made sure they were OK before continuing.

D’Agostino tore her ACL in the crash and barely finished, encouraged across the finish line by Hamblin.

The moving moment has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee, which is awarding the pair the Pierre de Coubertin medal – also known as the International Fair Play Committee Award --- (That's like an Olympic Random Act of Sportsmanship Award!)  according to multiple reports. It’s only been awarded 17 times in Olympic history.

Hamblin won a protest and was able to run in the final, finishing last. D’Agostino’s injury knocked her out of the Games.  (Story by Travis Pittman, KING)

(Thanks to Solomon Alexander of the St. Louis Sports Commission for the next story.)

     Piotr Malachowski won a silver medal representing his native Poland in the discus during the Rio Olympics. His was one of 11 won by the country. Making your country's Olympic team is a dream come true. Winning a medal is on a different plane of accomplishment entirely.
     On Tuesday, Malachowski auctioned his medal to Poland's richest family. He didn't do it for himself, though. There are no big houses, stretch limousines or extravagant trips in Malachowski future.
He auctioned his medal away to save the sight and the life of 3-year-old Olek Szymanski. Young Olek has retinoblastoma (eye cancer) and the surgery he needs costs $126,000. A charitable organization in Poland had already raised one-third of the money, but the effort required one more, big heave - something that could only come from one of the best discus throwers in the world.
     "We were able to show that together we can do wonders," Malachowski wrote on his Facebook page. "My silver medal today is worth a lot more than a week ago. It is worth the life and health of small Olek. It is our great shared success."
     It's often said the great ones make others around them better. While discus throwing is very much an individual endeavor, Malachowski used his considerable strength and skill to make a child's life better. And for that, he is elevated higher than any medal stand could place him.


2nd Annual EDVB Tourney a success

Ninety-Eight girls and boys teams from 5th - 8th grade competed in the 2nd Annual Eileen Doherty Volleyball Tournament this past Saturday - Tuesday.  The tournament is a memorial to Eileen Doherty, the former volleyball director at Sacred Heart-Valley Park and former South Central District Volleyball Chairperson.  She would have enjoyed seeing all those girls and boys in the gym enjoying themselves.

The tournament awards two $1000 scholarships to high school freshmen (1 girl and 1 boy) who win the essay contest entitled "The Role CYC Sports has played in my Life".  This year's winners are Megan Zoellner, a freshman at Cor Jesu and Ethan Joly, a freshman at St. Louis University High School.  Congratulations to those two winners, and all the teams that participated in a wonderful tournament.

Plus a large shout out to all the volunteers, including many officials, who honored their fellow VB referee, Eileen, by donating their time.

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