The Mission of the Catholic Youth Apostolate is to help all young people hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and to help all young people actively respond to the Gospel message and enthusiastically participate in the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.
CYC St. Louis Cardinal Night

"Sports done right helps build a more caring,brotherly and just world." Pope Francis


Never let practice and competition get in the way of going to Mass, studing for school, being with friends and helping the poor, Pope Francis told an Italian sports association.

And never let Italy's infatuation with soccer - like in the pope's native Argentina - crowd out all the other sports, which are just as important for teaching kids the benefits of teamwork and sacrifice, he said May 7.

In the Vatican's Paul VI audience hall, the pope met with athletes, coaches, sports fans and team owners that belong to Lazio Sports Society, which was established in 1900 by young popple who wanted an organization that was open to everyone and upheld sports' ethical and moral values.

Back then, organized sports were geared toward those who had natural athletic talent, the pope said, but the group's founders wanted people of all abilities and backgrounds to be able to take part.

"I encourage you to continue to be welcoming, to value diverse talents" and offer a way for people to experience friendship and harmony "without discrimination".

He praised the sports association for giving "equal dignity to all sports.  In Italy, like in my country, too, in Argentina, there's the risk of always talking about soccer and neglecting all the other sports."

Every sport has its worth - not just in physical and social benefits, but also morally in the ways it can offer people especially kids, a chance to experience a more balanced life, "self-control, sacrifice and loyalty toward others," he said, especially today when it seems "betrayal" is on the rise.

"Sometimes it happens that a boy or girl forgets about Mass, catechism because of work-outs and competition.  That is not a good sign" because it means they do not have their priorities right, he said.

"Studying, friends, serving the poor" also are important and should not be "neglected in order to do just one thing.  No. Everything together," he said.

Sports done right helps build a more caring, brotherly and just world that helps overcome "human and social disadvantage," the pope said.

Story written by Carol Glatz Catholic News Service

3rd Annual CYC Bantam Home Run Derby


3rd and 4th grade CYC girls and boys are invited to St. Gerard Majella Saturday, May 16th from noon to 2pm to participate in Bantam Home Run Derby.  Cost is $1 per round.  Prizes will be awarded.  Co sponsored by Fischer's Pro-Line Sports and Rawlings Sporting Goods.  Contact Clay Cary at 314 660-6927 with questions.    


Go Blues! Go Cards! Go to Sports Authority for apparel!

It is an exciting time in St. Louis with the Blues starting their playoff run and the Cardinals starting the 2015 season.  Sports Authority wants to add to the excitement by offering all CYC familes 20%!  Not just this weekend, but the next four weekends!  4/17 - 4/19, 4/24 - 4/26, 5/1 - 5/3 and 5/8 - 5/10.  The 20% off can be used for Blues and Cardinal apparel, but also for most items in ALL the St. Louis area stores.  So CLICK HERE and print this coupon and head to Sports Authority before you cheer on the Blues, Cardinals and your CYC teams!

Positive Parent Awards

April 12, 2015 - During halftime of two different CYC Archdiocesan Championship basketball games at Mary Queen of Peace Parish the CYC awarded Pizza Parties to 3 teams that earned the party by having at least 75% of the team's parents complete the FREE online Coaching Coaches Positive Parent course.  In the photo above left, from left to right is the 6th Grade Girls basketball team from Christ the King and their coach Stephanie Cross, Solomon Alexander of the St. Louis Sports Commission, Paul Scovill, CYC Sports Director, Cris Atchison and his daugter Mackenzie representing the St. Cletus 5th Grade Girls basketball team, and Bill Bommarito of Coaching Coaches.  The third team to win the pizza party could not make the ceremony.  They are the 5th Grade Girls of Sacred Heart-Valley Park and their coach Mary Reschke.  The St. Louis Sports Commission has given the CYC a grant so that this class will be FREE to the first 1100 parents that sign-up. 

The middle photo is the winner of our latest Positive Parent program contest.  That is Bill Bommarito handing a $174 check to Pat Conley, who has completed the course.  Since the basketball season was coming to a close the Pizza Party contest did too.  However the current Positive Parent contest is a monthly drawing to win $174.  No that is not a typo.  The 74 represents the 74 years the CYC has been in existence, and is a reminder that next year will be the 75th year of CYC Sports.  Every parent that completes the course will have their name put into the drawing and stays in there each month of the drawing which ends in December.  The sooner you complete the class, your name will be in the drawing longer.  Pat's name was pulled at the end of March as our March winner.

YOU can be the next $174 winner.  Simply go online and take the FREE, 27 minute Positive Parent course NOW!  The CYC wants every parent to take the class and Promote the Triangle of Player, Parent and Coach that we think is so essential to a successful youth sports program.  CLICK HERE  to learn more about being the Positive Parent your player and his teammates want.  Did we mention it is FREE

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