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Basketball 2015
CYC St. Louis Cardinal Night

LAX Season opener has Random Acts of Sportmanship


#33 in Blue- Hannah Calandro    St. Michael (blue) v Sacred Heart-Florissant (red) v St. Gerard (green)

The CYC Lacrosse season opened with 12 games scheduled on Saturday March 21st.  In the game between Sacred Heart-Florissant and St. Michael, a Random Act of Sportsmanship (RAS) was spotted, not once, but twice.    Two different times a Sacred Heart player fell to the ground.  Both times, Evelyn Trampe, a St. Michael player, stopped immediately to see if fallen player was alright, and helped her to her feet.  The Sacred Heart coach, Mike Seibman, called out, "that is great sportsmanship #33".  Way to go Evelyn!

We also want to recognize Mike Seibman and his Sacred Heart-Florissant team and Karen Anderson and her St. Gerard team for their RAS.  Due to a scheduling snafu, two teams were left without an opponent.  In those cases Mike and Karen had their teams stay so the teams that were excited to start the season had someone to play instead of having a forfeit.  Thanks Coaches.

Please be on the lookout for Sportsmanship, whether it be by the players, coaches, officials or fans.  Then send a short email describing the situation to  We don't want to miss any chance to recognize Sportsmanship, because Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports!

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Autographed Basketball - Random Act of Sportsmanship


      An Autographed Basketball turned out to be the token of Sportsmanship and the Random Act of Sportsmanship (RAS).  The St. Paul-St. Paul 5th grade boys team was playing against All Saints.  One of the players on the St. Paul team fell and broke his arm during the game.  During the week after the game, the All Saints team, coached by Mitch Kemner all signed a basketball and sent it to the player with the broken arm as a "Get Well" card!

       Archdiocesan Basketball playoffs will be starting shortly and so will all the Spring/Summer sports.  We are asking all of you to be "Sportsmanship Reporters"!  If at any CYC game you see a player, coach, official or fan perform a RAS, please send a note describing the situation to so we can recognize that act.  We believe Good Sportsmanship makes for Great Sports!     

CYC Promotes the Triangle - Win $174 in one of 9 monthly drawings

Yes, the CYC wants every parent to take the new 27 minute, online Positive Parent Participation Course! 

No, it is not mandatory at this time.

Yes, it is FREE right now.  Thanks to a generous grant from the St. Louis Sports Commission.

No, it will NOT be free forever.  The grant will pay for the first 1120 parents that take the course.  Almost half of those FREE courses have already been used.  If you wait too long, the FREE courses will be gone and it will cost you to take the course.

How do you win $174?  The CYC has committed to encouraging all parents to take the course.  So the CYC will hold Monthly drawings to win $174.  If you have taken the course, your name will be in the monthly drawing.  Not just for the month you take the course, but for every subsequent month through November 2015.  So if you take the course TODAY, you have 9 chances (March - November) to win $174!  Another reason not to wait too long!

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