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Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports


    Villa/Oak Hill Intermediates             Lauren Jenkens (far right)           St. Catherine Laboure Crusaders

During a cold, or should we say frigid, week of Girls Archdiocesan Soccer Playoffs, the great sportsmanship of a couple teams and a player warmed our hearts.  All three of these Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS), are recognized here.

The Villa/Oak Hill 8th grade girls team was referred to us by their game official, Tim Fleming.  Thanks Tim.  He everyone of the players were polite and respectful.  They played hard but clean.  Their coaches were always positive in their instruction and they praised good plays made by both teams.  Although they lost the game, their attitude never faultered and they were genuine in wishing their opponents good luck in their next game.

The Intermediate team at Assumption in O'Fallon has a very good team and a goalie, Lauren Jenkins, who earned a RAS for her honesty and integrity.  Early in the first have their opponents were on the attack, when the right wing took a low shot headed for the far post.  As the ball hugged the ground it seemed to miss the goal and rolled past the upright.  The officials thought it might have gone in and went through a gap in the goal netting and came out the far side.  Hard to tell if it was a goal or not.  Immediately Lauren told the official that the shot was a goal.  Even though it put her team down 1-0 early in a playoff game, Lauren never hestitated to assure the officials that the ball went in.  Her integrity will be a trait that will standout for Lauren as she matures.  She is already doing things most 13 year olds wouldn't.  Keep it up Lauren! 

Our final RAS winner is the St. Catherine Laboure Crusader girls team coached by Tony Rezek.  Their first round opponent only had 11 players.  In the first half one of their opponents was injured, then shortly after that, 2 more were on the bench and the SCL eleven were facing only 8 opponents.  Tony asked the official if he could take 3 players off so that both teams could play with 8.  What a wonderful gesture of Sportsmanship.  The official told him to make sure all his players had played their 25% before he did that.  However, all players recovered quickly and the game proceeded with 11 on 11.  Although it never came to pass, his offer and gesture are what Sportsmanship is all about.

We encourage you to look for RAS at the games you attend.  When you see something worth of being recognized and rewarded, please email with the details so we can recognize those players, coaches, officials and/or fans.  

Because we all know Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports.     

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