The Mission of the Catholic Youth Apostolate is to help all young people hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and to help all young people actively respond to the Gospel message and enthusiastically participate in the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.
2016 CYC Cardinals Night
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Mutual Respect - Concern - Fortitude all earn Random Acts of Sportsmanship Awards

Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) Awards were given for some very different reasons the past two weekends.

First, Queen of All Saints 3rd Grade Boys baseball coach, Rich Sargent, wrote to nominate and commend an umpire his team has had a number of times this season at Our Lady Queen of Peace field.  Her name is Katie Jolliff.  The random act was when Katie came up to coach Sargent and asked if she could buy a small treat for each player on his team from the concession stand.  She told him she really enjoyed umpiring his team and that his players were very respectful.  He was truly touched by her offer.  By her actions and statements, Katie also recognized The Queen of All Saints team for being respectful to their teammates, their opponents, all coaches and umpires.  So both Umpire Katie and the QAS team will receive a RAS.

Second, late in the second half of the Lacrosse game a St. Michael's player, behind the play,  was having problems breathing.  Grace Murphy, a St. Clement's player notice her struggling and immediately got the attention of the umpires to stop the game.  She went over to the girl and comforted her as she went down to one knee.  The game was stopped, the coaches came onto the field to calm and aid the player who eventually got to her feet and left the game.  The St. Michael's goalie, Krista Spies, who had come up to aid her teammate turned and genuinely thanked Grace for helping her teammate.  So for Grace's concern and caring and Krista's gesture of gratitude, both girls will receive a RAS.

Finally, a RAS is awarded to the Our Lady of Festus first year lacrosse team for their  great effort in their game on Sunday.  Our Lady was taking on Immacolata, both teams hadn't lost a game all year.  Immacolata had a full load of players, over 20.  Our Lady had just enough, 10.  So no subs, no rest, a full game of lacrosse.  Now if you know anything about lacrosse, you realize it is a running sport.  Played on a field almost the size of a soccer field, a player will often run 50 to 60 yards at a time.  So without subs, the Our Lady girls were in for a full game of running.  They never complained.  They played their hardest.  They ran from start to finish.  Yes, they were tired by the end.  However both teams played a great game, which finished with a 6-5 score. 

We invite you to send us note when you see a Random Act of Sportsmanship at the CYC game you are attending.  Just email a brief explanation to .  We want to recognize and reward  the sportsmanship displayed.  That is such an important part of CYC Sports.  We believe Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports!    

Circus Flora Invites All CYC Teams and Families to enjoy the circus

The theme of Circus Flora this year is Pastime, as in Baseball, our National Pastime.  Along with runs and hits the box score will be fill-up with flips, flights and laughs throught Pastime, when the home town Zephers struggle to get out of last place... they may need YOUR help!  Circus Flora runs from June 2nd through July 3rd in Grand Center.

They have designated 2 shows, June 4 at 1pm and June 15 at 7pm as Youth Baseball Shows.  If you come to those shows you can get a team discount, which will include a popcorn.  For team and group discount contact Seana Beard at 314 289-4044 or

Never too late for a RAS

     Although basketball season has been over for a few weeks, we do want to recognize Liana Johnson who plays on the St. Ann 8th grade basketball team with a Random Act of Sportsmanship (RAS) Award.  Her name was turned in by an official that worked the Championship game St. Ann played in.  Here are the comments he made concerning her obvious energy and sportsmanship:

  • her faith shine through loud and clear in her enthusiastic participation in the pregrame prayer.
  • she was humble during play, keeping a great attitude even whenshe missed a shot.
  • she is a great team player.  She apologized to her teammates in the lane when she missed a free throw.
  • she has great spirit and a fun heart.
  • During a stop in play she was dancing to the music being played - not in an attention getting way, but in a fun way, even though her team was behind.

      Congrats to Liana for enjoying her CYC experience.  We invite YOU to send us a RAS when you see one.  It can be a player, coach, official or spectator.  Just email a brief description of what you saw that stood out as Good Sportsmanship.  Send to .  Good Sportsmanship Makes Great Sports.

Arch Angels invite CYC Players, Teams & Families

The CYC is invited to attend the Arch Angels Women Pro Development Basketball game against the St. Louis Surge on this Saturday, May 7th at 7pm. The doors and festivities will begin at 6pm.

Boost 101.9/DJing will be at the game & hosting the halftime shootout show. We will have bounce houses too

If CYC players wear their basketball jersey, then they will only pay $2 to get into the game and their parents can text us at 41487 and type in ArchAngels5 (all one word) to get a copy of their discounted ticket on their cell phone, for only $5. They will show their ticket at the gate.

The parents will need to hurry to text in for their discounts by Friday or while the remaining 550 discounted tickets last.

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