The Mission of the Catholic Youth Apostolate is to help all young people hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and to help all young people actively respond to the Gospel message and enthusiastically participate in the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.
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Save the Dates - - CYC Nights at Basketball Games


FIRST - Sunday, December 13th at 2pm         SLU Women host Indiana at Chaifetz Arena                   Come watch this early season clash between Saint Louis University, A-12 upstarts taking on Big 10 power, Indiana.  Best of all, Kids wearing CYC Jerseys get in FREE.  CYC families and friends can get tickets for only $4 if they call the SLU Ticket Office at 314 977-1260 before 5pm Friday, December 11th.  There will be Pre- game and Halftime contests.  If your CYC team wants to participate in the contests, have your coach contact Buzz at 314 792-7604.


SECOND - Saturday, January 9th at 4pm at Chaifetz Arena       SLU Men host Richmond               THIRD - Saturday, February 27th at 7pm at Chaifetz Arena        SLU Men host Duquesne

               A young SLU Billiken men's basketball team host A-12 rivals Richmond and Duquesne in games which could have a spot in the post season conference tournament on the line.  All CYC tickets (Kids, family and friends) are only $9, but there is a limited supply of these seats.  It is first come, first serve for these CYC seats.  To reserve a seat call the Billiken Ticket Office at 314 977-1260 and ask for the CYC tickets.  No CYC tickets will be sold after 5pm Friday, February 26th.  Kids please wear your CYC jerseys!  If your CYC team wants to participate in the pregame contests have your coach contact Buzz at 314 792-7604.

FOURTH - Saturday, March 13 at 5 & 7:30pm at the Family Arena   Mo Valley Women's Championships See two exciting Missouri Valley Women's Basketball Semifinal games in St. Charles at the Family Arena.  This is another WEAR YOUR JERSEY AND GET IN FREE game, and tickets for family and friends are only $5 each. 

Ticket procedure for this is a little different.  To reserve BOTH complementary and paid discount CYC tickets you must contact Buzz Swanston at the CYC Office.  You can either call him at 314 792-7604 or e-mail him at   Tickets must be reserved by Friday February 26th.  Tickets will be paid for and picked up on gameday at the Family Arena Box Office.  Mo Valley is asking everyone to bring a donation of a personal hygiene item for the April Showers Campaign. 

One last item, with these games, we are inviting you and your CYC team to "Adopt a Mo Valley Team" this season.  As your team goes through your season, follow one of the women's Mo Valley teams through their season.  Learn about their players, read about the team online, and follow the team through their website.  When you reserve your tickets, let us know which team you have adopted.  Then come to Semifinal Saturday with signs to support your team!  We will have some prizes for the Best Signs in the Arena!!!  


Soccer Random Acts of Sportsmanship

We want to thank the folks that brought these 3 Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) to our attention, and we encourage each of you to keep your eyes open for other RAS, especially now, during Playoffs and Spirit Games.  If you see something, simply e-mail the description to

1 - Casey McClure, 3rd grade boys soccer coach for St. Mary Magdalen was nominated by an opposing coach for his actions in a game back in October.  When the officials did not show up, Casey volunteered to referee a soccer game between his team and St. Gerard Majella.  Volunteering to officiate meant all the boys would still get to play the game.  But Casey showed great integrity when he had to call a penalty kick against his own team in a close game.  Then add to that, after his team lost a close game, each of his players made it a point to congratulate the St. Gerard players and say what a great game it was.  The St. Gerard players, coaches and parents were so impressed by this.  St. Gerard coach Paul Ruzicka said, "we are a better team because of the sportsmanship Casey and his players showed us today."  Thank you Casey and the St. Mary Magdalen soccer team for representing CYC Sports in such a wonderful way.

2 - In early fall, St. Elizabeth - St. Robert soccer parent and basketball coach Chris Arger passed away.  His daughter, Annelise plays on the 8th grade soccer team for SESR.  Before one of Annelise's soccer game this past October, Immaculate Conception - Dardenne coach, Jim Boyd, presented Annelise a memorial plaque honoring her father.  A number of parents e-mailed how incredibly touching and moving the gesture was.  We thank Jim Boyd and his ICD team for their Act of Sportsmanship and of Kindness.  Proving once again that there is so much more to CYC sports than the game itself.

3 - Ryan Janasik is a freshman at Kirkwood high school.  He plays soccer for the Pioneers, and grew up playing CYC soccer for St. Peters in Kirkwood.  Ryan took his Civics assignment to heart and elevated his Random Act of Sportsmanship to the International level.  While looking for a service project Ryan found  Honduras Relief, which is a Catholic based charity that helps the poor children of Honduras, and would love to provide them with soccer uniforms and equipment.  When Ryan looked at the Honduras website he saw kids kicking around a ball that was only rags tied together with string.  He saw children with no shoes or socks, with worn out shorts and shirts.  He wanted to help them play the game he loves.  So he made a plea to all the CYC parishes for donations of old jerseys and balls.  Ryan was overwhelmed with the responses he has received.  He has spent the last 6 weeks collecting uniforms, balls and equipment.  So thank you to all those parishes who pitched in to help Ryan.  To date Ryan has collected over 2800 uniforms!!!  He plans on sending them in December.  So it is not too late to donate, just e-mail and he will put you in touch with Ryan.  Although this RAS did not take place during a game, it will affect many lives and games in the future.  Great job Ryan!!!    

Pope supports CYC Sports (indirectly)

On November 7th and 8th a seminar was held in Rome.  The theme was 'Sport, Education and Faith: a new season for Catholic Sport Associations.'  Pope Benedict XVI had this message for the attendees, "Through sporting activities the ecclesial community contributes to the formation of young people, providing an environment appropriate for their human and spiritual growth.  Indeed, sporting initiatives - when aimed at the integral development of the individual and administered by qualified and competent personnel - represent a fruitful opportunity for priests, religious and lay people to become real educators and life-teachers for the young."

"Thus it is necessary", the Holy Father added, "that in our own time - when there is a pressing need to educate the new generations - the Church should continue to support sport for the young, making full use of sporting activity in its positive aspects such as, for example, the capacity to simulate competitiveness, courage and tenacity in pursuing goals."

In conclusion, Pope Benedict XVI highlighted how, "through co-ordinated educational activities, managers, trainers and Catholic workers must present themselves as experienced guides for adolescents, helping them to develop their sporting potential without overlooking those human qualities and Christian virtues that bring the individual to full maturity." 

Online ID Cards

It's official!  Online ID Cards are here!  

You are now able to apply for your card from home. No more having to drive across town after missing the ID session last week at your parish. No more standing in the long lines two weeks or the night before the season starts. Do it from home, school, library or work.

For those of you that do not have access to a computer, you can still obtain your card by attending a scheduled ID Card session. These sessions will no longer be held at the parishes, but will be scheduled at the CYC Office location.

To purchase your new Online CYC ID Card, click here or on the 'ID Cards' tab above.

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