The Mission of the Catholic Youth Apostolate is to help all young people hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and to help all young people actively respond to the Gospel message and enthusiastically participate in the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.
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Online ID Cards

It's official!  Online ID Cards are here!  

You are now able to apply for your card from home. No more having to drive across town after missing the ID session last week at your parish. No more standing in the long lines two weeks or the night before the season starts. Do it from home, school, library or work.

For those of you that do not have access to a computer, you can still obtain your card by attending a scheduled ID Card session. These sessions will no longer be held at the parishes, but will be scheduled at the CYC Office location.

To purchase your new Online CYC ID Card, click here or on the 'ID Cards' tab above.

CYCers score on CYC Night at SLU

Those that bundled up and braved the cold and the wind on CYC Night at the SLU Women's soccer game were treated to a 2-1 Billiken victory.  Both goals were scored by former CYC players.  The first half goal was scored by freshman Maggie Baumann off a corner kick from another former CYC player Ashley Brazill.  The goal was the first of Maggie's career at SLU.  Midway through the second half, CYCer, Susan Frederickson lofted a perfectly placed free kick from 30 yards out into the upper far corner for her unassisted game winner.   

At halftime the CYC presented "I Played CYC Sports" t-shirts to the 18 former CYC players now on the SLU women's roster.  The presentation was followed by a 12 minute game between the 5th grade girls teams from Sacred Heart and St Bridget's.  We want to thank those girls for representing the CYC at halftime and as ball girls for the game.  Pictures from the night can be seen by joining the "CYC Sports" facebook group.  

There will be CYC Nights at SLU for both Men's and Women's basketball games.  As soon as those dates are agreed upon, they will be announced at this website and at CYC Sports on facebook. 

Random Acts of Sportsmanship Spotted

The CYC fall seasons are a month old and we have received 4 notices of Random Acts of Sportsmanship since the season started.  We would like to thank the folks that submitted these and encourage every player, coach, official and parent to keep your eyes open and let us know about other Random Acts of Sportsmanship you see at your fields and in your gyms.

  1. An official at St. Gabriel's gym recognized a RAS when Tom and Bridgette Yehling's entire 3rd grade boys volleyball team from St. Paul's in Fenton (pictured above) went over to both referees after their games and shook the officials' hands and thanked them for officiating their game.  Way to go boys and coaches!!!  We hope you continue that through all your years of CYC sports.
  2. Ashley Fite of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta has shown her good sportsmanship by her terrific support of her teammates in both volleyball and soccer.  Why is that so special?  Ashley broke her ankle during the first soccer game of the year, so she hasn't been able to play since then.  Yet she has been to all of the teams' practices and games.  Her upbeat attitude and support is a great example of being a real teammate.  We hope you heal quickly Ashley and continue practicing Random Acts of Sportsmanship
  3. John Angelbeck, coach of St. Paul's Junior Girls soccer team showed his sportsmanship when his opponents came to their September 27th game with only 9 players.  John evened things out by playing 9 on 9 and giving all the girls a competitive, enjoyable game.  Thank you John for being a class act and exemplifying a RAS
  4. Finally, we want to recognize St. Joseph of Cottleville 7th grade soccer player, Maddie Glisson (pictured above).  Twice this year Maddie has bypassed the obvious opportunity to score a goal herself, and passed the ball to a teammate, so her teammate could get their first goal of the year.  Congratulations on your unselfishness Maddie, and for the great example of teamwork.  Our guess is your act will lead to many other Random Acts of Sportsmanship.

If you see a RAS, please shoot an e-mail to CYC Sports at so we can recognize all the great sports we have playing CYC Sports.

Conflicts between CYC Sporting events and other Catholic Youth Apostolate events.

There has been a lot of questions and requests for cancellation of CYC Sporting Events when conflicting with other Catholic Youth Apostolate events. 

Here is the official policy that the CYC Sports Department has and puts forth to our CYC Districts.
We ask all districts to work with the scout groups when possible, especially if you are notified before scheduling is completed.  The only scouting events that we require rescheduling for are the Boy Scout Retreat in September, and for Girl Scouts, the Day of Discipleship, January 9, 2010, Presentation Sunday, March 7, 2010 and this is only with the groups that have a conflict, submitting this to our Scout Office at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
Thank you.
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