The Mission of the Catholic Youth Apostolate is to help all young people hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and to help all young people actively respond to the Gospel message and enthusiastically participate in the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.
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Join us as we cheer on Team USA!

Don't miss FOX Sports Midwest, and activation from St. Louis Football Club, Soccer Master, and St. Louis Ambush! 

Wishing St. Louisan Ben Bishop the best in the Stanley Cup

Good Luck to St. Louisan, former Chaminade goalie, former Blues goalie, current Tampa Bay goalie in his quest for Lord Stanley's Cup!

Angela Anderson wins $174 in April Positive Parent drawing

CYC Sports Director, Paul Scovill awards Holy Redeemer parent, Angela Anderson with her $174 check as the winner of the April drawing.  Angela took the Positive Parent course earlier this year, and once she completed the class her name automatically went in to the hat to be drawn out for the monthly award.  Awards will be given monthly through November.

How do you get your name in the hat?  Simply take the FREE, 27 minute, online Positive Parent course.  Once you complete the course your name is in the drawing from now through November.  This incentive is being given because the CYC would like all parents to complete the Player - Coach - Parent Triangle by taking the class and having a better understanding of the mission of CYC Sports and how Positive Parent participation enchances that mission.

Give 27 minutes of your time, no cost to you, learn about CYC Sports and you have a chance to win $174.  It's a no-brainer...  CLICK HERE to take the class right now!  Yes both parents can take the class.  I'm not an odds maker, but doesn't that double your chances of winning?

Zoberi's Sportsmanship Shines RAS

At the 2015 CYC Final Track Meet, Ste. Genevieve du Bois runner Kellen Zoberi's second event in his 7-8 age group was the 800-meter run. He was seeded third based on his time in CYC's Preliminary meet. Kellen really, really wanted to win: for himself and because older brother Mark won this event two years ago. He trained so hard in the weeks leading up to finals, both during practices and on his own.

In the second lap of the 800, Kellen passed four other runners to take the lead with 300 meters to go. He held the lead going into the final turn when the boy in second place tried to pass. The boy moved in too close, and stumbled and fell to the track. Still in the lead, Kellen had managed to stay on his feet, but stopped and offered the other boy a hand up. In doing so he lost time and two other boys passed him - Kellen finished third in the race but first in Sportsmanship.

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