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Ball Kids Wanted - Wed 8/13 at SLU

St. Louis University is looking for a team to be ball kids

THIS Wednesday at their Women's soccer game at Hermann Stadium at 5:00pm

If your team would like to do that, please call Buzz at 314 792-7254.

Coach It Right Soccer Clinics - only 2 left - Register today


Here is what Solomon Alexander of the St. Louis Sports Commission had to say about the first Coach It Right Soccer Clinic at St. Alban Roe last week:

I probably over use the words 'great' and 'tremendous' on my blog, but the response to last week's Coach It Right! Soccer Clinic at St. Alban Roe in Wildwood has been both great and temendous.  The 70 coaches who came out were great sports.  They showed a tremendous commitment to the kids they coach by learning from the very best.  Denny Vaninger led a clinic focused specifically on coaching kids and what adults can do to make sure kids have fun while learning the beautiful game.

The coaches who attended had some positive words to say about the clinic as well.  Here are a few of the letters we received:

  • "Thank you for making this clinic available to us.  This was very informative and I will be incorporating this into my practice sessions.  I will also be ecourage others to do the same."  Ken W.
  • "Thanks SO much for the class!  I feel like I will be starting fresh with my boys that I have coached for a couple of years now.  I can't wait to get started!  Denny's class was wonderful.  Certainly did not feel like 3 hours."  Michelle R
  • "Thank you so much for organizing and offering this class to coaches!  Denny was a very good speaker- loved his enthusiasm about coaching.  He had helpful tips and practical drills.  I definitely learned a lot and will start putting things to use next week at practice.  I will be encouraging all coaches to attend his classes."  Christine G
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for coordinating this wonderful clinic.  Denny is a hoot and has a great approcah to coaching that is appropriate for any sport.  The refreshments were a great surprise.  This is my first foray into soccer coaching and I really cannot wait to start using what I learned from Denny."  Tim L

Usually this would be it and anyone who did not attend would have to wait until next year.  Well you are in luck!  There will be 2 more Coach It Right! Soccer Clinics this summer and the same rules apply.  The clinics are FREE to any coach or parent who wants to attend.  All you have to do is register online at or call 314 345-5130.

The Sports Commission in partnership with the CYC will conduct the next clinics with Coach Denny Vaninger

  • Saturday, August 9, from 9am-noon at Sts. Joachim and Ann in St. Charles
  • Wednesday, August 13, from 6-9pm inside the St. Louis University High School Auditorium

Parking is FREE.  Food is FREE.  And every coach who attends will receive his/her Youth Coaching Certificate (formerly called the "F" liscense) FREE of charge.  Don't be the one to miss it! 

What do a Player, Coach, Umpire and Fan all have in Common?

RANDOM ACTS OF SPORTSMANSHIP!!!  (RAS) - Spotted during the CYC Baseball Playoffs

Ben Sanders (back row middle, no hat)    Coach Charles Yates        Umps Chris (facing us) & Tim Althage

St. Mark's 5th grade baseball team had a spirited player on the bench who encouraged his teammates, congratulated them when they made nice plays and consoled them if they struck out.  His name is Ben Sanders.  What was even more impressive about his sportsmanship and team spirit is he did this while not being able to play, because his arm was in a cast!  But he was right there on the bench, as MVT, Most Valuable Teammate. 

We also awarded Tim Klump, a St. Mark's parent and fan a RAS.  Why?  Well in the 98 degree heat and high humitidy, he was kind enough to see if the umpires needed some water.  He offered to quench their thirst and then made the uphill trek to the concession stand for them.  Tim, what a great example you are to all of us to look outside ourselves and see if we can help others.

Delvon Yates was throwing hard and throwing strikes for St. Ferdinand in their 5th grade championship game.  After he finished his four dominate innings his coach and dad, Charles Yates, congratulated him and told him what great pitching that was.  But Charles not only praised his own son and own players, you could often hear him from his 3rd base coaching box telling the opponents, St. Cletus players, what a nice play they had made.  Once when the ball slithered past the St. Cletus 3rd basemen, he winced and said, "that was a tough one to catch".  Then turned to some fans on the 3rd base side and said, "Even though that helps our team, I hate to see a player miss a chance to make a play."  Love that Sportsmanship Charles!

In making the rounds to the different fields, we often heard from the district people manning the scoring tables how professional and how consistant the umpires were.  Two umpires that were recognized for their great work on the first Saturday at St. Gerard were Chris and Tim Althage.  They did a great job of handling the pre-game instructions and ground rules.  The were always hustling and in position to make calls.  Plus they took time to explain calls to the players when they were confused.  They were instructing the players on the rules of baseball.  Great job, great sportsmanship!

We are sure there were many more RAS that took place during the baseball and softball playoffs.  Often times those acts go unnoticed, or if noticed, unmentioned.  Those should not be unmentionables!  They should be spotted and shouted about.  As a CYC we want to recognize these acts.  Praise the people involved and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.  So when you see a Random Act of Sportsmanship make a mental note and then drop an email about it to so we can shout about it and bring it to everyone's attention.  As a CYC we need to realize that Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports! 

CYC Nights at St Louis Unviersity Soccer & Volleyball

Come enjoy College sports and cheer on former CYC and St. Louis area players.

  • Friday, September 5             SLU Women's Soccer vs Western Illinois    7pm at Hermann Stadium
  • Satureday, September 13     SLU Volleyball vs Air Force                          7pm at Chaifetz Arena
  • Friday, October 17                SLU Men's Soccer vs Duquesne                   8pm at Hermann Stadium                

Kids wearing CYC Jerseys get in FREE!

Family and Friends can get tickets for only $4 if you call the SLU Ticket Office at 314 977-1260 by 5pm the day before the game.

There will be a Serving Contest between sets 2 & 3 of the Volleyball Match and Halftime Shooting Contests for both the Women's and Men's Soccer Games.  The first 10 CYC Players to sign-up (for each contest) via eamail to will participate.  Include your name, parish, grade and which game you want to enter the contest.


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