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CYC Night at SLU Men's Soccer - THIS FRIDAY


KIDS wearing CYC Jerseys get in FREE!!!   St. Louis University is ranked in the top 20 in the nation.  Come cheer on former CYC players and St. Louisans: Robert Kristo, Josh Kohring, Justin Graham, David Geerling and Grant Owens.  Did we mention KIDS wearing CYC Jerseys get in FREE!!!  Family and Friends can get tickets for only $4 if they call the SLU ticket Office at 314-977-1260 by 5pm Friday, Oct. 16.

St. Louis Sports Commission's Sportsmanship Brigade finds more RAS

Once again the CYC would like to thank Solomon Alexander and his St. Louis Sports Commission's Sportsmanship Brigade for stopping by Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for Friday Night volleyball games.  The brigade found enough sportsmanship to give out 5 awards during the three matches.  Congratulations to all those that received awards, they should be proud of their Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS).  Here is what Solomon wrote in his blog about the evening:

Ferguson, Mo. has been the epicenter of community unrest in the St. Louis area over the last several weeks. Anger, passion, and uncertainty fill the streets on a daily (and nightly) basis. The situation has forced the region to examine race, law enforcement and its overall structure. Suffice it to say, life in St. Louis will never be the same.

However, unrest cannot be allowed to upset the lives of the youngest among us. The Sportsmanship Brigade visited Blessed Teresa of Calcutta parish in Ferguson on Friday night for three youth volleyball games. We went looking for good sportsmanship and were not disappointed.

Fifth graders from the host Blessed Teresa, Sacred Heart of Florissant and St. Rose Philippine Duchesne displayed tremendous sportsmanship and character during their respective games. Grace of St. Rose was hit in the face with a ball from Emma of Blessed Teresa. Emma ducked under the net and hugged Grace to make sure she was OK. Grace embraced her as well letting her know there were no hard feelings.

Our community could learn a lesson or two from these kids.

We invite YOU to be your own Sportsmanship Brigade and keep your eyes and ears open for any Random Acts of Sportsmanship you see at CYC games.  RAS can be by a player, coach, official and even fans.  When you see a RAS, please drop a note to so we can recognize and reward those actions.

Caught in the Act...Random Act of Sportsmanship

Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) is a CYC program initiated to catch players, coaches, officials and fans in a RAS.  We want to recognize the act, spread the word about it and honor those that display good sportsmanship.  Here are 3 RAS from CYC soccer games:

  • Jamie and Kelly Huckstep from Assumption (Mattis) - Jamie and Kelly coach the 2nd grade girls soccer team and they were playing in August, on one of those scorching hot Saturdays.  Mary Mother of the Church was their opponent that day.  Jamie and Kelly brought a canopy to the game, so the girls on the bench could at least be in the shade.  The MMOC bench did not have that shady luxury.  So Jamie and Kelly invited their opponents to join them under the canopy for some shade.  Great example Hucksteps!  You deserve a RAS!
  • Tony Frank - St. Francis of Assisi - Tony referees CYC soccer games.  When he is officiating K thru 5th grade games, at halftime he will go to the parents on each sideline to see if they have any questions concerning rules.  What a great way to break down barriers between officials and fans, and educate the fans at the same time.  Other officials may start doing this at our younger games too.  Thanks Mike Price for informing us about this RAS.

Thank you to Donna and Glenn Schultz and Mike Price for bringing these RAS to our attention.  We invite all of you, as you are watching your next CYC game, to keep both eyes open for any RAS and then just briefly describe the the situation via email to  We will take it from there.  As we like to say, "Good Sportsmanship Makes Great Sports!"

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