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My Son Didn't Start Today

CLICK HERE if you would like to read an interesting perspective from a parent who is a high school athletic director as he watches his son play youth sports.

RAS found in teammate, Spirit teams and a Blues fan


     Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) were found in numerous places recently.

     The 5th grade boys team at St. Gerard Majella had a rough start to their basketball season.  They didn't win a game in January.  Then the first weekend in February they were playing well, passing well, cheering each other on and playing together.  So at halftime Coach Mura's team decided they would work to get every player on the team a basket.  With 3 minutes left in the game, everyone except Joe had scored.  It was Joe's turn to come out of the game.  One of his teammates, Kyle Brown, recognized that Joe hadn't scored yet.  He went to Coach Mura and offered to give up his own playing tome so Joe would have a chance to score.  Joe was so appreciative.  Joe stayed in the game and did score before the end of the game.  It was a successful game not because of the win, but because they played as a team.  They could see past the scoreboard and are learning to be selfless in order to help each other.  Way to go Kyle and all the team members of St. Gerard's team.

     We thank Coach Marty Daesch of Holy Redeemer for recognizing his opponent's sportsmanship at the Spirit Basketball Games on Saturday, February 6th.  Marty described his boy's team as being "too spirited" at times during their two games.  He said his opponents, South County, coached by Sandy Rezek, Tony Davis and Kevin Smith and St. Charles, coached by Justin Duley and Chuck Kohnen were very good sports and made sure the Spirit Games had great spirit toward each other. 

      Finally, CLICK HERE to see the genuine selflessness of a young Blues fan that has just received a stick from Jori Lehtera.  He turns around and gives it to an even younger Blues fan who was hoping to get a stick from the players as they came off the ice.  The Blues saw this clip and have found the first young boy and are going to reward him for his compassion.  This young boy has lived the bible verse, "Give and it shall be given to you."  Luke 6:38. 

        So now we are asking you to give... that is give us details on the Random Acts of Sportsmanship you witness at the CYC games you attend.  We want to reward and encourage all our players, coaches, officials and fans to always display good sportsmanship.  When you see that, please email a brief description of the action and who all was involved.  We believe Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports!    


Share your CYC experiences

     We invite you to help us celebrate 75 years of CYC sports by sharing some of your stories and photos.  We have set up a separate webpage ( ) for the occasion.  We will divide entries into one of the following categories:

  • I Played CYC Sports
  • My Favorite CYC Memory
  • My CYC Coach
  • I Loved Playing at...
  • One Liners
  • Photo Album

     Details of what could be included in each category are on the 75th Anniversary webpage.  But don't let the categories constrain you.  Please feel free to share your best memories of CYC Sports.  Send them via email to (please put "75 Years of CYC" in the subject line.)

     So you may be wondering why the baseball/softball diamond is part of the 75th Anniversary logo?  After all the CYC offers so many different sports.  Why pick baseball/softball?  Because the 75th Anniversary is considered the Diamond Anniversary.


Coaches Recognize Opponents Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS)


Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) were recognized for the third weekend in a row at CYC games.  That is a streak to be proud of.  The great thing about these two situations is the opposing coaches reported the RAS.

It was a tight, back and forth 7th grade boys game between Sacred Heart-Valley Park (Coach Elder) and Holy Redeemer coached by Kevin Weishaar.  The score was 28-26 in favor of Holy Redeemer when one of the Sacred Heart players fouled out of the game.  Ordinarily that would not be a problem, but this day it was.  Sacred Heart only had 5 players at the game.  So now they would be down to 4.  Coach Weishaar offered to Coach Elder to let the player stay in the game so the numbers would be even.  Although Coach Elder declined he thought it was a great gesture of sportsmanship.  Coach Elder also pointed to a time earlier in the game when two players collided, Coach Weishaar was just as concerned about the Sacred Heart player as he was his own player.  Thank you to both coaches for being examples of Good Sportsmanship.

Our next RAS came during a 7th grade girls game, St. Paul (Strubhart) against Annunciation (Tegethoff).  This was in the second of two very competitive games between these teams in the same weekend.  The girls from both teams exhibited great sportsmanship during both games, but what one of the Annunciation players did during the 2nd half of the second game really stood out.  The score was close, St. Paul was pressing and #13 on Annunciation, Cecilia "Quinn" Tegenkamp, collided with a St. Paul player, who fell to the ground.  Even though her team was still trying to get the ball across half, she immediately did what looked very natural to her.  She stopped, checked to see fi the St. Paul player was OK and helped her to her feet.  The St. Paul player smiled and thanked her before they both ran down the court to rejoin the game in progress.  It is great to see such sportsmanship and genuine caring for others, espeically their opponents.  Well Done Quinn!!!

Let's keep this Sportsmanship streak going.  If you see a Random Act of Sportsmanship, please email with a brief description of the action.  We feel these acts deserve to be recognized and shared with everyone one in the CYC family.  We are working to beONE through CYC Sports.  We all know, Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports

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