The Mission of the Catholic Youth Apostolate is to help all young people hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and to help all young people actively respond to the Gospel message and enthusiastically participate in the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.
CYC St. Louis Cardinal Night

CYC Promotes the Triangle - Win $174 in one of 9 monthly drawings

Yes, the CYC wants every parent to take the new 27 minute, online Positive Parent Participation Course! 

No, it is not mandatory at this time.

Yes, it is FREE right now.  Thanks to a generous grant from the St. Louis Sports Commission.

No, it will NOT be free forever.  The grant will pay for the first 1120 parents that take the course.  Almost half of those FREE courses have already been used.  If you wait too long, the FREE courses will be gone and it will cost you to take the course.

How do you win $174?  The CYC has committed to encouraging all parents to take the course.  So the CYC will hold Monthly drawings to win $174.  If you have taken the course, your name will be in the monthly drawing.  Not just for the month you take the course, but for every subsequent month through November 2015.  So if you take the course TODAY, you have 9 chances (March - November) to win $174!  Another reason not to wait too long!

Why $174?  It could have been $150 or possibly $200.  However, this is the 74th year the CYC has been in existence.  So the odd amount of $174 is to remind everyone that next year will be the 75th year of CYC Sports!    

Parents, do your part and complete the Triangle...and if you're lucky, you will win $174 in one of nine monthly drawings!  CLICK HERE 

Sports Authority Coupon not for 1, not for 2, not even 3, but ALL 4 WEEKENDS in March


Are you tired of the snow and cold weather?  Are you looking forward to Spring and being able to get outside and do Spring things?  Play Spring Sports?  Well Sports Authority wants to help you get all the things you need to start your Spring off right.  They have a 20% off Coupon, CLICK HERE, that can be used at all the St. Louis Stores every Friday through Sunday in March.  Usually these coupons are for only 1 weekend, but this one is for 4 whole weekends.  Pick your weekend, take your coupon and then head outdoors to enjoy this Spring!

RAS - Random Acts of Sportsmanship - RAS


     2 RAS stories: First, thanks to Queen of All Saints 6th Grade Girls coach, John Hea, for acknowledging the St. Mark 6th Grade Girls FANS.  Here is what Coach Hea writes, "During the game the parents were very encouraging of the girls, no yelling or complaining or excessive coaching from the stands as you sometimes hear as a coach.  But what struck me is what I would say, the most sportsman-like parent group I have come across in 12 years of coaching.  I witnessed them telling my girls of Queen of All Saints, 'Good game girls'.  Additionally, as I came over by the spectator bench to leave, I had no less than 5 different parents from St. Mark's say to me 'Good game coach!".  I was taken aback as I have neot heard that from the opposing team before, let alone a team tha just lost to us.  I was literally speechless.  St. Mark's should be VERY proud of this group of parents, models for all of us."  This is only the third time we can remember fans being cited for their sportsmanship since we started the RAS program.  This is great to hear.  We hope all our CYC fans take heart and follow suit.

     Our second RAS goes to Louis Mrnjavac, a 5th grade boys player on St. Michael's basketball team.  The team has 9 players, and in this their last game of the season, 8 of the 9 boys had scored a basket.  This was quite an accomplishment because on of the thier players has never scored through all his games in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.  So late in the game, Louis, who had scored, volunteered to come out of the game so the one boy who had not scored would have a chance to score before the game was over.  What a wonderful act of looking outside yourself to help a teammate join in the fun.  As it turns out that boy did get a basket, and everyone on the team scored in their final game of the year. 

     We invite you to share any Random Act of Sportsmanship you see while attending a CYC game.  Just email a description of the act to .  We love to share them with the rest of the CYC gang who didn't have the chance to see it in person.  Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports!

Coach It Right Baseball Clinic - March 7 at SLUH


FREE, yes FREE, Coach It Right Baseball Clinic, Saturday March 7, 2015 from 8:30am to 11:30am at St. Louis Univerisity High School in the Danis Field House.  SLUH Baseball Coach, Steve Nicollerat does an outstanding job of breaking down how to teach the essential skills to young baseball players.  Every youth baseball coach can benefit from attending this clinic.  Many coaches attend it year after year.  It is a great way to get excited about the upcoming CYC Baseball season.

It is FREE, but you have to register by going to or by calling 314 345-5130.  Your players will be glad you attended.

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