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There were a few, but too few to mention...

This past weekend marked the conclusion of the 2016 CYC Volleyball season.  Friday through Sunday 57 Archdiocesan Championship matches were played in 7 different gyms.  There are a lot of people to thank for making the weekend a fun one for all involved.

  • First we would like to thank the 2 host districts (South Central and West County) and all their volunteer workers at the gyms; gym managers, concession stand workers, floor sweepers, cleaner uppers, etc.
  • We thank the 62 table workers, written scorekeepers, scoreboard operators and the playing time trackers.
  • We thank the 18 officials who did a fabulous and fair job of being present without being noticed.
  • We thank all the volunteer coaches who were great of encouraging their players and acknowledging the good plays of not only their team, but also their opponents.
  • We thank the players for playing with enthusiasm and giving their best effort.  Which made the matches fun to watch.
  • Finally, but not least, maybe most, we thank the fans for their positive cheering for both teams and their understanding when calls went against their team.  Fans may not have been 100% positive and encouraging.  There were a few, but too few to mention...

We hope players, coaches, fans and officials enjoyed their Archdiocesan Playoff experience and thank all those people who made it possible.

  • On a related note, 2 people were identified for their Random Acts of Sportsmanship.
  1. Father Steve Robeson who came with the St. Rose team and sat on the bench with the players and coaches.  It is always great to see a priest in the gym or on the field with the team.  Father Steve said he is "old school", back when priests use to coach teams at their parishes.
  2. Also recognized was Holy Spirit 8th Grade Boys coach Tim Fletcher for "his positivity".  Always encouraging his players and pointing out almost every good play any of his players made.  Plus he also congratulated opponents when they made good plays too. 

2016 Archdiocesan Volleyball Championships

Archdiocesan Volleyball Championships start tonight, Friday, December 2nd, at Sacred Heart-Valley Park. Matches start at 6:30.

Games continue on Saturday, with the Finals on Sunday.

The South Central CYC District will be hosting the Girls and Parochial Boys Divisions, with besides games tonight at Sacred Heart, they will be being played at Holy Redeemer, St. Gabriel and St. Paul-Fenton.

The West County CYC District will be hosting the Boys Divisions, playing at Ascension-Chesterfield, Incarnate Word and St. Joseph-Manchester.

Click here to go to the Volleyball page and view all the brackets, with teams and game times!!

The Most Thankless Job in Sports

Have you ever wondered how good an official you would be?  CLICK HERE to read about a coach who tried to be an official for a day and his perspective after taking on that challenge.  Good Stuff for coaches, players and fans to read.

Catching Up on Soccer Random Acts of Sportsmanship


We apologize for being tardy with some of these Soccer Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS).  We thank all those officials, coaches and fans that turned in the following RAS.

Opposing Our Lady of Festus Coach John Stewart recognized the sportsmanship of the St. Joseph-Imperial 6th grade girls' Coach Berberich.  Late in a 2-2 game, when the extreme hot and humid conditions were taking a toll on the players from both teams, Coach Berberich recognized the health of the girls was more important than the score of the game.  Our Lady only had 11 players, and one of their players became to sick to play.  So instead of taking the man advantage and trying to win the game, Coach Berberich stopped the game as a tie and showed great class and sportsmanship!

Pam Bowen, a soccer official, found herself at the field without an officiating partner for two games.  The games were between 6th grade boys Kirk Day-Christen vs St. Joe-Manchester-Ganninger and 4th grade boys Kirk Day-Laughlin vs Ascension-Wigge.  Not a single person; coach, player or spectator argued a call or yelled at the only official the entire 2 games.  It is encouraging to know that this type of behavior can happen!  Plus Pam witnessed several examples of good sportsmanship by players on all teams.  Helping opponents up after a fall, waiting to restart a play while and opponent tied their shoe and simply asking if an opponent was OK after a foul.  Pam commends all 4 teams and their fans for such great sportsmanship and much deserving of a RAS.

Again, an opposing coach recognized the RAS of his fellow coach and team.  Patrick Madigan had a game where his Queen of All Saints team only had 9 players.  The Mary, Mother of the Church team they were playing, coached by Tim Grant and Matt Heilich chose to only put 9 players out for their team too.  Patrick said that Tim and Matt have clearly taught their boys teamwork.  You will often see more talented players bypassing scoring opportunities and passing the ball to lesser skilled players to give them a chance to score.  These coaches are great role models as their kindness and commitment to the principles of the CYC are reflected in their players.

Jim Hetlage officiated quite a few CYC High School games this past season, and unfortunately had to give out a few yellow cards.  However, he commended 2 teams and their coaches in a late season game he officiated.  Sacred Heart/St.Stephen coached by Tim Mantych and St. Margaret Mary Alacoque coached by Tim Henson.  In what was a highly competitve game that ended in a tie, all players and coaches genuinely repected the other players and the officials through out the game.

Don Bowe officiated a 7th grade girls' Archdiocesan semi-final game between Assumption-O'Fallon and Annunciation.  At one point in the game, Anna Lennon, a player on the Assumption-O'Fallon team was injured.  Someone brought her a bag of ice for her injury.  Later in the game, an Annunciation player was injured and came off the field.  At that time, unprompted, Anna went to the opponent's bench and gave the injured player the bag of ice.  That was truly a Christian Act of Kindness and a RAS!

One of the volunteers at Queen of All Saints field turned this next RAS into us.  He was so impressed by the two 6th grade girls' Mary Queen of Peace teams.  After shaking hands and congratulating their opponents, whether they won or lost, each and every player went to both officials and said "Good Game", or "Thank You" with a few fist bumps thrown in.  Congratulations to their coaches, Brody Ward and Cathy Nourie for training their teams to respect and honor not only the officials, but the game itself.

Finally, an unusual situation happened during the the 7th grade Boys Archdiocesan semi-final game at St. Sabina.  Right at the end of the first half, a St. Joseph-Manchester player took an indirect free kick from well outside the penalty area.  He lofted it just right that it went over the hand of the leaping goalie and into the goal for an apparent goal!  St. Joseph celebrates a great goal!  However the officials get together and realizing no one else touched the ball on the indirect kick, so it is NOT a goal.  As you can imagine, the large crowd on had did not understand.  It was explained to the St. Joseph coaches Charlie Wiegers and Tom Dolan.  The officials, John Bollinger and Kurt Laynar then went along the spectator side of the field explaining the call.  Finally, Coach (and CYC Official) Tom Dolan came over at halftime and told the fans the officials made the correct call.  A RAS to both officials and the coaches for explaining the situation to the fans and controlling what could have gotten out of hand.

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