About CYC Sports

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The Catholic Youth Council of St. Louis, MO, provides services to over 80,000 youth and young adults in its Catholic sports programs.

The CYC program offers youth recreational sports programs for those 6-18 years of age. This nine-sport program of Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Track, Lacrosse, Golf, Volleyball, and Chess is based on an "everyone plays and sports is fun" concept. The CYC program has been a part of the lives of many recognizable sports names like Mike Shannon, pro-football kicker Pat Leahy, Major League Baseball umpire Rich Rieker, Olympian Kristin Folkl, as well as world-class soccer players Ty Keough, Darryl Doran and Pat McBride along with many others.

During this past year, the CYC reached the 2,400,000-member mark in the number of children who have taken part in CYC sports since 1941. This remarkable statistic is a tribute to the tens of thousands of adult volunteer leaders who contribute their time and talent to our children.

Since its inception, the CYC has been a community leader in offering youth programs to all children regardless of circumstances. The CYC was the first to offer organized team sports that did not separate youngsters along lines of color. The CYC was the first to offer camping services to children with special needs. The CYC was the first to offer religious awards programs for Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts. Today, CYC leagues host teams sponsored by all religions and made up of a multitude of ethnicities.

We are proud of our history and we look with great anticipation to the future. Your faithful support and your prayers are appreciated as we continue to do service in HIS name.

The CYC accomplishes its mission through athletic programs designed to:

  • Develop within participants an understanding of God's continuing love for them and their value as an individual.
  • Cultivate a spirit of trust and concern for others.
  • Inspire a sense of respect for the rights and responsibilities of others as individuals and groups.
  • Impart spiritual and moral values.
  • Instill ethical standards of conduct.
  • Encourage cooperation and team spirit.
  • Empower youth and young adults to become active in the Church and community.

By providing these healthy, character building activities and programs, we hope to enable youth and young adults to realize their destiny as followers of Jesus Christ.