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The CYC would be nothing without so many excellent coaches, dedicated to helping their team members achieve success and spiritual growth, both on and off the field. The CYC provides as many resources as possible to help coaches reach this goal.

All Coaches and Managers (who are 18 years of age and over/out of high school) of Kindergarten through 8th Grade teams must take the CYC Sports Coaches Training Program, a two hour online program that helps coaches make a positive difference in their team member's lives. Upon completion of the online course coaches will receive their Coaching Number and will need to apply for a CYC Coaches ID card.

Coaches for High School Divisions do not need to take the Coaching to Make a Positive Difference course; however they do need a CYC Coaching ID Card. Please call the CYC Sports Office at (314) 792-7256 to obtain an assigned Coaching Number.

Coaches who are under 18 years of age must read and sign the Minor's Code of Ethical Conduct and return it to their parish office. They can use their CYC Youth ID Card, but the roster must reflect that they are a youth coach. They do not need to take the online course, and they do not need a coaching ID number.

The CYC also requires that all adult coaches and those adults working with youth meet Archdiocesan requirements. They must attend a Protecting God's Children Workshop, through the Archdiocese of Saint Louis' Safe Environment Program, and have a Missouri Background Check ever two years. In addition, they  must read, sign and return to their parish the Ethical Code of Conduct. These are requirements that the Catholic Youth Apostolate and CYC Sports fully support.

Finally, our website includes a resource page for prayers for coaches to use in their practices, in their games, and outside of their games, to help foster the spiritual growth of all the CYC league participants.