Districts - St. Louis City

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With the ending of the 2013 Basketball season, there also comes an ending to one of our CYC Sport Districts. Due to a decreasing number of teams participating in the St. Louis City District and after a year’s time of discussions, it has been decided that the district will cease operations. District leadership along with representatives from the parishes made this decision. Parishes were allowed to select which neighboring district they would like to be moved to. All parish choices were accommodated. The majority of the parishes chose to be placed in the South Central District, with a few moving to the North County District. The actual placement of the parishes can be found on the district pages.
South Central District     North County District   

 The CYC Office would like to thank Lori Greiner, District Chairperson, Jerry Beckerle, District Vice-Chairperson, and the Sport Chairpersons along with the parish representatives for all their effort and work on a very tough decision. Thank you to all involved.