The End of An Era

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This Friday, August 31, 2018, will be CYC Director Paul Scovill’s last day in the office. After 34 years, he is taking a well-deserved retirement. In the last year and a half, three members of the CYC Sports Department have retired. Paul, Butch Rosier and Buzz Swanston. Almost 70 years of CYC experience.

Friday afternoon really is the end of an era.

When Paul started as CYC Sports Director in 1985, the CYC office was on Lindell Avenue. Six sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball and track. Several adult leagues were in play at the time. All communication by phone and letter. New rulebooks typed each year. A lot has changed.

Fast forward 34 years. We are now at the Rigali Center. Nine sports, adding lacrosse, golf and chess. Now communication with thousands, via e-mail, happens in an instant. Rulebooks, with revisions, are copied from the previous year in a few minutes, and posted on the website where they are available to everyone.

When asked to mention some highlights of the CYC program, Paul says:

• It’s a fun, safe experience for kids to play sports. Even a lesser skilled kid, can have fun and excel on his/her CYC team.
• CYC keeps kids, and parents, involved in their parish. Hopefully involvement with the CYC team leads to more involvement at the parish.
• Volunteers are the life-blood of the program. Without volunteers CYC sports would not exist.
• CYC sports bring kids from different backgrounds together. In the St Louis area, where our local neighborhoods are so important, CYC sports gives kids the opportunity to interact with those from different cultures, backgrounds and neighborhoods.
• At all pre-playoff meetings, Paul always encourages coaches, volunteers and officials, to “make it special” for the kids. For some, the CYC playoffs may be their only opportunity to play in a playoff atmosphere.


• “I have worked with Paul for four years. I bug him daily with questions and he always has the answer right off the cuff. He has a lot of CYC knowledge stored into his brain. He is also the Professor of Excel documents. There will be a real void in the CYC when he leaves. – Andrea Nickels, Administrative Assistant
• “None will ever be as dedicated and as passionate about CYC as Paul is. It’s a part of him, and he will always be a part of it”. – Ann Widner, Support Staff
• “Paul Scovill has always been an inspiration to me; his dedicated service to the Church and to God’s kids has been a blessing to thousands of young people and adults. We will miss his leadership”. – Paul Masek, Director of the REAP Team

Paul says he will miss his relationships with the many CYC volunteers over the years. He has made thousands of friends, not only with the CYC, but with the St Louis volleyball community as a coach and official. It brings him great joy to see former players he once coached, now coaching volleyball in the CYC organization.

Paul is extremely devoted to the CYC. He cares deeply about kids and their development and growth, both athletically and spiritually. He takes pride in doing things the right way. Never one to seek the limelight, Paul has spent untold hours working for the betterment of the CYC.

We wish Paul all the best in his retirement. After 34 years, you deserve time to relax. Enjoy!