We Want You To Know What's Going On

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Sometimes when we talk to parents and coaches in the CYC program, we are told information concerning programs, rule changes and special events is not delivered from the CYC office to John/Mary Q. Parent. Somewhere in the information chain, the message is lost or distorted. In the immediate information world we live we understand the importance of making information easier to find, access, and deliver


The CYC, in an effort to get information to everyone in a timely manner, is taking steps to improve its communication strategy.

One of our core values is “Give It Your Best Effort”. This applies to the CYC office just as much as it does to coaches, players, and parents. In this spirit, we will give it our best effort to communicate with the wonderful people in our program in a more effective way.

There are two steps we’re taking:
1. Step up our social media game.
2. Analyze our existing communication chains.


Stepping up our social media game is the first thing we are committed to doing. This is a relatively easy step that can start now.

Every other week, we will post an article on this website with information on events, changes in CYC rules or procedures, and other information you need to make your experience with the CYC flow smoothly.
Bookmark this website and plan to visit it on a regular basis!

Also, we will use Facebook and Twitter to share ideas, pictures, coaching inspiration and other fun stuff related to the world of youth sports. Don’t be left out of the loop.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cycstl/
Twitter: @CYCsportsSTL


We are beginning to analyze our information chains in order to discover where our messages are getting lost or distorted. This will allow us to correct problems, make improvements, and create better processes that guide the flow of information. Once we gain a better understanding of our communication chains, we will adopt better solutions to help drive these processes.

CYC sports are fun! Participating on a CYC team is a life-learning experience for kids and their parents/coaches. Let’s all do it right.