Your Team can be a part of Arch Madness

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The 2017 Missouri Valley Conference Men's Basketball Tournament, also known as Arch Madness, will be held March 2-5 at Scottrade Center in downtown St. Louis.

Our Sportsmanship Foundation's mission is to create positive environments for kids to play sports so they remain active and lead healthier, happier lives. Part of this mission joins the worlds of youth and collegiate sports.

The college-aged athletes coming to St. Louis for the Missouri Valley Tournament deserve to be enthusiastically welcomed and treated like the special student-athletes they are.

To that end, we are asking local schools and youth teams to serve as the welcoming committee for the Missouri Valley Conference schools for the dates of March 1 and March 2.

If your school or team is interested in welcoming a Missouri Valley Conference school, please respond to this message ( or call 314-345-5130. Schools and teams who participate in Missouri Valley welcomes will receive tickets for the Missouri Valley Conference tournament.

Participating schools and teams will be selected on a first come, first served basis. Thanks so much for your time and we hope to speak with you soon.

Solomon Alexander
'The Sportsmanship Guy'