Catching Up on Random Acts of Sportsmanship!

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With all of the busyness in the CYC Offices, we are just now catching up on recognizing some of the coaches, players, officials, and fans who have displayed Random Acts of Sportsmanship!!

The first RAS goes to the Coaches of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque’s 8th Grade Basketball Team
These coaches received a RAS for being wonderful examples to all of the kids in that division. During a heated game, despite an opposing player’s unhappiness about a call, the SMMA coaches stopped the player in the handshake line and gave him some sincere and complimentary words. It may have seemed like a small gesture, but it was really meaningful to that player who remarked about it all throughout the day. It was an inspiring example of what is so good in CYC sports – adults being wonderful examples to the kids around them, showing some forgiveness, and finding the best in others.

A RAS for CYC Basketball Official, John Frain
This RAS was submitted from a coach of a Queen of All Saints team who himself was once was an outstanding official. Officials do not get complimented very often, and compliments mean even more when coming from a talented, former official. John is recognized for working the “best officiated game” that this coach had ever been at.

St. Monica 5th Grade Basketball Coach, Doug Burjoski was also nominated for a RAS
Doug deserves recognition for the way that he conducted himself at a recent game. He won his game versus Sacred Heart-Florissant, but it was a very close, intense game. The official called an intentional foul on one of his kids for a hard foul on a shot, so it wasn’t like every call went his way. He had some opportunities to complain about things, but he never said a word to the officials. (His behavior was quite different from other coaches who have something negative to say about every call.) Doug simply focused on coaching his kids! His attitude and actions exemplify good sportsmanship and are great examples of what CYC Sports is all about.

A RAS goes to… Aiden O’Keefe, CYC Golf Player
Week in and week out during the CYC Golf season, Aiden would shoot in the 30s. The closest any other player would get to his score would be around 50. Some weeks Aiden would be in a group with players that were shooting in the 60s. He never once made anyone feel inferior to him. He never complained that he was paired with kids that he really shouldn’t be paired with. He went out and gave it his all and not once made it about him. He consistently smiled and never showed frustration at the course. Aiden sets a great example of good sportsmanship. His actions embody the true meaning and spirit of CYC Sports!!

And a RAS also goes to… Grace Wilkinson, CYC Golf Player
Grace’s thoughtful actions during CYC Golf games demonstrate the true spirit of CYC Sports. During a championship game last spring, everyone was hot and tired by the time they got to hole 2, the last hole for Grace’s group. The ground was extremely hard, and Grace took the last of her water and poured it out so that she could place the tee into the ground for one of her opponents. During another game, on a very cold day, Grace was paired with only one other player because the third player did not show up. Grace shared her glove with her opponent. Instead of Grace having two warms hands and her opponent having two cold hands they each had a warm one. Grace consistently shares her tees with other players and on more than one occasion shares a ball with her opponent. She also rarely comes home with the ball marker she started the day with. Her opponents will end up with it!! Grace’s great attitude and caring actions are hallmarks of genuine CYC sportsmanship.