Coach and Umpires recognized for their Random Acts of Sportsmanship

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Next week the Archdiocesan Baseball and Softball playoffs will be held, along with the new White and Blue division playoffs.  We hope to hear of many Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) during those playoffs.

We have a couple that were identified during the Cross District play.

First, Tim O'Connell, St. Stephen softball coach, wants to recognize his opposing coach, Steve Hauser, St. Paul 8th grade girls for his RAS.  It was the last game of the season, and the St. Paul team was ahead by 12 runs and the time had expired.  However Coach Hauser, knowing that it was the last time the St. Stephens girls would get to bat as a team, even though the game should have been over, his team took the field and let SSP have one last bat.  Great Sportsmanship Coach Hauser and the St. Paul girls.

Queen of All Saints 5th grade boys baseball coach wants to acknowledge the umpire crew of John Canady and Cameron Balentine who worked their game at Incarnate Word.  He said the did a good job.  Not that he agreed with every call, but they were in good position to make the calls.  Most importantly the were in control of the game, kept it moving, demanded Sportsmanship and hustle from both teams.  John and Cameron deserve their recognition as winners of the RAS Award!

If you witness any Random Act of Sportmanship by a player, coach, umpire or fan, please send a brief email to so we can recognize and reward those actions.  Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports!