EDVB Tourney awards Eileen Doherty Scholarships

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          The Eileen Doherty Volleyball Tournament was started to create a scholarship endowment in honor of Eileen Doherty, the South Central District Volleyball Chairperson and VB Lay Director for Sacred Heart-Valley Park for many years.  Her devotion to volleyball and the kids that played it were second to none.  She gave it 100% because she loved it and we wandted todo something to carry on her memory and passion for the CYC, Volleyball and the kids.

            We decided to create a scholarship to be given to a girl and boy in 8th grade playing volleyball and continuing their education at a catholic high school.  Each participant is to write a one page essay on "Why they are a good representative of CYC Sports". 

             The 2017 winners of the scholarship are Hanna Dressing from St. Paul and now a freshman at St. Joseph Academy and Drew Steinmetz from St. Gabriel, now a freshman at Vianney High School.

              Both Hanna and Drew played CYC volleyball since 3rd grade.  In their essays they shared many memories over the years of their teams and friendships.  Here are some points from their essays that demonstrate their embodiment of the character that Eileen wanted to instill in her players.

              Even when they couldn't play, because of a broken arm, they are still the kind of teammate that goes to every practice and game because they knew they could contribute to the team.  It might be a word of encouragement or just cheering the team on.

              During the younger years, playing sports was all about winning and performing better than everyone else.  But through the years, they've learned that it is all about being a good sport to both their teammates and opponents and celbrating even the smallest achievements of their teammates.  They learned to be positive and to put the team above themselves.

               Congratulations to Hanna and Drew on their scholarships.  A big thank you to Tom Gresham and all the folks that helped put on this tourney that continues to honor the wonderful contributions Eileen Doherty gave to the CYC and the St. Louis volleyball community.