Random Acts of Sportsmanship - September Edition

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     We encourage all officials, coaches and fans to keep an eye out for Good Sportsmanship at CYC games.  When you see a Random Act of Sportsmanship (RAS), please send an email to buzzswanston@archstl.org so we can recognize that player, coach, team, official or fan.  We believe these RAS happen every day a CYC game is played and we want to recognize them and encourage all to display RAS in every game.

     Ava Mirth, a soccer player on St. Norbert's 5th grade team, has been recognized by an official for her sportsmanship in a recent soccer game.  Ava is a talented player and early in the game, she scored 3 quick goals.  She could have easily scored many more the rest of the game.  But instead worked to pass the ball to teammates and give them the opportunity to score.  Not all of her passes resulted in goals for her team, but she was willing to pass to her teammates instead of taking all the shots herself.  Thank you to Ava for looking outside yourself and displaying such good sportsmanship.  In the words of the referee, "It is nice to see sportsmanship like this when we constantly hear about bad sportsmanship from players, coaches and fans at youth games.  It's nice to see that these kids know what CYC is all about."

     An opposing coach nominated the St. Joseph-Imperial 8th grade volleyball team coached by Patti Collins for a RAS.  She said, "My team only had 6 players, and both teams worked very had in all 3 closely contested sets.  In the 3rd game, one of our girls twisted an ankle and had to come out of the and cheer from the bench.  After the match ended, the girls shook hands at the net, then all the St. Joe players ran over to our bench and shook the hand of our injured player and each one wished her a quick recovery.  I thought that was a great act of Christianity and sportsmanship, especially considering St. Joe just lost a hard fought match.  Our player has a severe ankle sprain and may not be able to play the rest of the year.  She may not remember this act of kindness, but I will not soon forget it.  It is great to see we have such acts in the CYC."