...and a team chooses Sportsmanship!

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We would like to thank soccer official Tom Schmittgens for submitting this Random Act of Sportsmanship (RAS) he witnessed.  He officiated a 6th grade girls game between Immaculate Conception-Dardenne and Assumption-O'Fallon.  ICD has a player, Shelly, with Downs Syndrome.  The Assumption coaches and the officials were informed before the game that at times she may run on or off the field.  The Assumption coaches, Kevin Kratzer and Tom Reiter, let the ICD coaches know that would not be a problem.  Twice in the game the Assumption players allowed Shelly to dribble the ball from the middle of the field to the goal.  Her first shot hit the goalie and was played away.  Shelly's second shot scored a goal!  Upon scoring, Shelly did two cartwheels!

After the game, the ICD coach called both teams over, thanked the girls and the coaches from Assumption for setting aside their competitive nature to make a memory for shelly that she will always remember.  Tom Schmittgens, the official said, "It is my belief that Shelly will not be the only one from this game that will always remember the events of the day."

Congratulations to the Assumption team and coaches and thanks to the ICD coach for sharing his comments following the game.  The Assumption team has earned themselves a RAS they should be very proud of.  Thank you for putting Sportsmanship first, as it should be at all CYC games.