St. Francis Cabrini VB team receives RAS

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During a game at St. Ambrose gym, a player on St. Ambrose team was injured, and at the time looked to be serious.  The opponents, the St. Francis Cabrini 6th grade girls team, coached by Tom Coriell showed their respect by taking a knee.  The parents of the injured player perceived that as amazing sportsmanship  and class.  In addition the coaches and parents were wonderful as well, making sure the injured player was alright and offering any assistance they could give.  While it may seem like their act of kindness might be considred normal behavior, it was a huge display to the parents of the injured player.  The player is OK and recovering from her injury.  These parents want to be sure the St. Francis Cabrini team receives a Random Act of Sportmanship (RAS).  The parish should be proud of their amazing children, coaches and parents.

If you see a RAS by a player, team, coach, official or fans, please send a brief email describing the act to so we can recognize that sportsmanship.  We believe Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports!