Amazing Grace Restovich - RAS Award winner

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CYC Archdiocesan Volleyball Championships were held in the South Central District (boys) and St. Charles District (girls) and the CYC would like to congratulate both districts for a great job of hosting, which was mentioned by numerous parents and coaches.

We did notice one girl, Grace Restovich, who sat on the bench with an injury while her 6th grade St. Alban Roe team played their way into the championship match.  We are sure it was hard for her to sit on the bench and not be on the court with her teammates.  However, you could not detect any disappointment or sadness as she enthusiatically cheered on her friends and encouraged them to play their best.  We talked to her coaches, Scott and Beth Nelson, and they referred to Restovich as "Amazing Grace".  They said she suffered her injury early in the year, so did not get to play much volleyball this season.  However, she did not miss a practice or a game.  She wanted to be with her teammates the whole season, even if she couldn't be on the court.  That is a dedicated teammate.  Grace, we wish you a speedy and full recovery and look forward to seeing your enthusiasm and energy on the court next season!  You dedication earned you a Random Act of Sportsmanship!