Announcing: CYC Committee on Sportsmanship

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Sportsmanship is one of our core values at the CYC. We know the word means a lot of different things to different people. We believe sportsmanship involves:

  • Respect for your opponent, your teammates and your coach.
  • Playing the game the right way.
  • Responding to adversity in a positive and beneficial way.
  • Hold yourself accountable for your actions.
  • Everyone has an opportunity to play.

These are a few of the key components of sportsmanship. You may have others you could add to the list. Sportsmanship has received a lot attention lately. Honestly, that is because we have not been our best.
CYC needs to be better.

We have all seen videos of parents, coaches, players and officials acting inappropriately at youth sporting events. It has become a real issue. One major consequence of this behavior is a severe shortage of officials. This is an issue in our area and all over the country. Without officials, we cannot play the games.
CYC needs to be better.

Another consequence of the lack of sportsmanship is the effect it has on our kids. Their perception of how to play the game and how to react to certain situations is molded by the behavior of their parents and coaches. If we continue to yell at officials, criticize players and coaches, and disrespectfully address other parents, our kids will learn this is the way you deal with tough situations.

Sports teaches life lessons. Our kids learn how to deal with these life lessons when they play sports. This lack of sportsmanship will continue when our kids become parents and coaches. It will filter into the workplace and into other interactions in society. It’s a mindset we have to change. Now.

CYC needs to be better.

As the largest youth sports program in the St. Louis area and as a representative of our Catholic faith we should be the standard for sportsmanship. Right now, we are not. But that is about to change.

The CYC office is forming a Sportsmanship Committee to address all of these issues. We are interested in ideas and suggestions for our organization to improve in all things sportsmanship. We would like to set clear expectations for everyone in the CYC program with regards to sportsmanship. We are looking for ways to effectively promote our expectations to everyone in our organization.

We want you!

We are looking for a diverse group of passionate individuals to help us lead the way on this issue in St. Louis and take steps to creating a better overall experience for youth, coaches, fans, and officials.This committee will be comprised of parents, coaches, officials and clergy. We would like for all CYC districts to be represented. The commitment will likely be quarterly meetings, with some e-mail communication in between meetings.

If you would like to be a part this exciting initiative, or even if you just want to be on the list to receive more information, please sign-up here.

Together we can make the improvements we need to make to improve sportsmanship in the CYC program. CYC will be better. If you have more questions about this initiative, please e-mail