Random Acts of Sportsmanship Spotted at CYC Basketball Games

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As the CYC Basketball season is winding down, it is proving that sportsmanship is most definitely alive and well here in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. In the past couple of weeks there were several Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) reported to the CYC Office, and we are sure there were myriad more that went unnoticed.

RAS are acts that we want to encourage all of our participants to display every time they take the field or court. In addition to recognizing winners of games, we feel it is imperative for CYC Sports to search for and recognize acts of sportsmanship at our athletic events. As a Catholic organization we must train our children to display Christian values in all parts of their lives, especially during athletic competition.

In the ten years since the program began, hundreds of Random Acts of Sportsmanship by CYC coaches, players, officials, and fans have been witnessed and acknowledged.

Here’s just one great example of a Random Act of Sportsmanship recently submitted by a referee:

A CYC Official commented that he doesn’t often see opposing players applaud for the other team after a free throw has been made. However, he did witness this at one of IC-Arnold’s recent games! He wants to commend Natalie Briggs a 6th Grade Player on Immaculate Conception's Basketball Team and thank her for doing just that, for clapping for the opposing team after they made a free throw. This Random Act of Sportsmanship is a great example to other players and fans and sets the tone for a spirit of friendly competition at CYC games.

When you spot a RAS, please email a description of the act and the names of the people/teams involved to RAS@cycstl.net. The CYC Office will be sure to acknowledge them. Visit the RAS page to read more!