CYC Sports Officials Association

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Memo to Hiring EntitiesYouth Code of Ethical Conduct

The CYC thanks all of its officials for their effort to help our leagues and games run smoothly. We thank you for all your help, and hope that you will continue to help everyone in the CYC to have fun, play hard, and play fair.

Memo to Sports Officials

Referee Clip ArtThe CYC has started a CYC Sports Officials Association (CYC-SOA) for all officials (on the field or at the scorer's table) that are paid to officiate for the CYC in all sports.  All paid CYC Sports Officials are considered Independent Contractors, and as such must join the CYC-SOA. In order to join the CYC-SOA officials must:

  1. Register each year with the CYC-SOA - Registration for the 2014-15 seasons will open on July 15, 2014.  Details will be posted on this page soon.
  2. Attend a Protecting God's Children Workshop. Officials 18 and under are not required to attend.
  3. Have had a Missouri Criminal Background Check within the previous two years.  Again Official 18 and under are not required to have this check.
  4. Read and sign the Archdiocesan Code of Ethical Conduct.  Officials 18 and under must read and sign the Youth Code of Ethical Conduct for Minors.
  5. Have a Federal Form W-9

        All forms and information should be turned into the official's home/main parish where they will be officiating.