Past Champions - Soccer - Cadet Closed - Girls

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Year Champion Runner-Up
2017 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque St. Joseph-Cottleville
2016 Mary, Mother of the Church St. Simon the Apostle
2015 St. Catherine Laboure Queen of All Saints
2014 St. Ann-Normandy Holy Spirit
2013 St. Mary Magdalen-Brentwood Queen of All Saints
2012 St. Simon the Apostle St. Francis of Assisi
2011 Sacred Heart-Florissant Queen of All Saints
2010 Queen of All Saints & St. Joan of Arc CO-CHAMPIONS
2009 St. Joseph-Cottleville St. Joseph-Imperial
2008 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Mary, Queen of Peace
2007 Holy Spirit St. Catherine Laboure
2006 Christ, Light of the Nations St. Elizabeth/St. Robert
2005 Ascension Holy Spirit
2004 Assumption Mary, Queen of Peace
2003 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque St. David
2002 Assumption St. Peter
2001 Mary, Queen of Peace Assumption
2000 Mary, Queen of Peace Assumption
1999 St. Mary Magdalen Immacolata
1998 St. Paul Queen of All Saints
1997 St. Paul St. Gabriel the Archangel
1996 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque St. Ferdinand