Past Champions - Volleyball - Midget Closed - Boys

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Year Champion Runner-Up
2017 St. Genevieve Dubois Ascension-Chesterfield
2016 St. Catherine Laboure Sacred Heart-Valley Park
2015 St. Paul-Fenton St. Justin Martyr
2014 St. Catherine Laboure Immaculate Conception-Arnold
2013 Our Lady of Providence Sacred Heart-Troy
2012 St. Gabriel the Archangel St. Francis of Assisi
2011 St. Joseph-Cottleville St. Gabriel the Archangel
2010 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque St. Gabriel the Archangel
2009 Our Lady, Queen of Peace St. Paul
2008 St. Joseph - Manchester St. Catherine Laboure
2007 St. Catherine Laboure St. Paul
2006 Holy Redeemer St. Joseph - Cottleville
2005 St. Francis of Assisi Immaculate Heart of Mary
2004 Queen of All Saints St. Norbert