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Golf Shot

2018 CYC Golf Program

Interested in planning and/or participating in the 2018 CYC Golf season?

You are invited to attend an informational meeting. The meeting date has changed to Feb. 8th at 8 pm. The meeting will be held in the Fleur de Lis Room at the Cardinal Rigali Center, 20 Archbishop May Drive, 63119.

If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact Jon Givens at or call (314) 792-7254.

2017 CYC Golf Program

The Archdiocesan Championship was held on Saturday, June 24 at Crescent Farm - Colt Course.  We want to thank all the folks from the South County district who did a great job of hosting and manning the tournament.  A special thanks to the 8 high school players who were marshalls on the course. 

We also had a special "guest" at the championship this year, the Wanamaker Trophy.  It was stationed at the first tee for most of the day along with "white glove security man" Clayton McGowan who made sure it left in the same condition it came.

Again we would like to thank Dick's Sporting Goods for their support of the CYC by donating a sleeve of balls, tees and a $5 bonus coupon to each golfer.

Congratulations to all the golfers that qualified to play in the Archdiocesan Championship.  Below are the top finishers in each division.  CLICK HERE for a list of all golfers in all divisions. 

8th Grade

Girls: Danicka Stilwell-SHVP(34), Drew Nienhaus-St Alban(35) & Kelly Karre-ICD(41) 

Boys:Grant Sussman-Ascension(33), Evan LaPosha-St. Joe-C(34) & Andrew Muth-St Gerard Majella(34)

7th Grade

Girls: Ainsley Burns-MQP(39), Lucy Trover-Holy Redeemer(42) & Ellie Johnson-WCA(43)  

Boys: Ian Blome-St. Joe-C(33) Luke Burkey-WCA(35), Matthew Politte-ICD(35) & Nick George-WCA(35)

6th Grade

Girls: Rylie Andrews-Ascension (42), Annie Lauber-St. Gerard (43) & Paige Mennhaus-Holy Infant (44)

Boys: Aiden O'Keefe-BTC 31, Colin Aubuchon-SJ (32) & Vincent Boccardi-SCL (32)

5th Grade

Girls: Catherine Cronin-St. Joe-Man (33), Emma Winter-SCL (35) & Kimberly Zhang-ICD (36)

Boys: Ryan Miller-SCR (30), Mason Skornia-St. Peter-Kwd (31) & Charles Kramer-SCR (32)

2016 CYC Golf Program

All 5 CYC Districts have golf programs.  If you are interested in playing golf this season contact your parish to sign up.  Most districts will start their programs in early April and play into June.  If you have any questions concerning golf, please email or call 314 792-7254.

A big thank you to the North County Golf program that hosted the Archdiocesan Championships Sunday, June 26 at Eagle Springs Golf Course.  We would also like to thank Dick's Sporting Goods for their support of the CYC by donating a sleeve of balls, tees and a towel to each golfer. 

Below are a few photos (taken by Images Today and Beyond) and the results of the Championships.  Congratulations to all golfers who earned a spot in the tournament.

5th Grade - Girls                                                          5th Grade - Boys                                                   

1st - Katie Nall & Catherine Cronin (39)                         1st - Ryan Miller (30)

2nd - Rylie Andrews (41)                                                2nd - Nathan Barclay (32)

3rd - Allison Karcher (45)                                                3rd - Luke Orlando (34)

6th Grade - Girls                                                              6th Grade - Boys                                               

1st - Lucy Trover & Jenna Loveless (36)                         1st - Ethan McClinton & Jack Wooldridge (31)

2nd - Klaudia Anic (39)                                                       2nd - Samuel Orlando (32)

3rd - Victoria Felton, Ainsley Burns & Kendall Sadler(41)   3rd - Christopher Beason (33)

7th Grade - Girls                                                                7th Grade - Boys                                            

1st - Danika Stillwell (44)                                                   1st - Grant Vineyard & Sam Fix Mary (38)

2nd - Kyler Hormuth (45)                                                   2nd - Drew Hollman & Elija Shirley (39)

3rd - Campbell Marino (47)                                                3rd - Grant Sussman & Malcom Castle (41) 

8th Grade - Girls                                                               8th Grade - Boys                                            

1st - Trinity Hofshetter & Emma Buell (42)                         1st - Ray Winter (30)

2nd - Ann Zhang (43)                                                          2nd - Jack Cronin (36)

3rd - Haleigh Barks (44)                                                      3rd - Josh Heidenry and Sean Hogan (37)

Images Today and Beyond took a lot of pictures at the tournament.  Click on this link, to view photos.  Use Coupon Code: Golf50 at Checkout for a 50% discount on your entire order. Discount good thru July 4th.

2015 CYC Archdiocesan Golf Championship Tournament

The CYC Archdiocesan Golf Championship Tournament were held Saturday, June 27th at Pheasant Run Golf Course, hosted by the West County District.  Thank you to all the West County district volunteers who made the day a fun, exciting experience for the 150 golfers that participated.

We do want to make special mention of Blake Skornia, a 5th grade boy from St. Peter in Kirkwood, who was recognized for his Random Act of Sportsmanship during the tournament.  Blake's score was turned in incorrectly.  He went to the scorers table and asked that the score be corrected and added a stroke to his score.  That honesty and integrity is to be commended.  Especially when that moved him out of 1st place!  He is however 1st in Sportsmanship!  Thank you Blake for showing all of us what CYC Sports is all about. 

Images Today and Beyond LLC was at the Golf Championship and would like to remind golfers for a limited time you can receive a 50% discount on your online order by using coupon code: CYC50
To get to the galleries ‘click on’ or paste into address bar the URL addresses below.
Boys Gallery:  
Girls Gallery:

Below are photos and results from the Championship by division:

5th Grade Girls


  • 1st Place:  (35) Catherine Cronin - St. Joseph-Manchester
  • 2nd Place:  (39) Victoria Felton - Academy of the Sacred Heart, Ava LaPosha - St. Joseph-Cottleville,  Tatum Langemade - St. Paul-Fenton
  • 3rd Place:  (41) Amanda Tichenor - Ascension

6th Grade Girls


  • 1st Place: (29) Drew Nienhaus - St. Alban Roe
  • 2nd Place:  (34) Kelly Karre - Immaculate Conception-Dardenne
  • 3rd Place:  (38) Campbell Marino - Incarnate Word

7th Grade Girls


  • 1st Place:  (32) Emma Buell - Mary Queen of Peace
  • 2nd Place:  (35) Ann Zhang - St. Joseph-Manchester
  • 3rd Place:  (38) Claire Solovic - St. Joseph-Imperial, Sara Schenk - Sacred Heart-Florissant

8th Grade Girls


  • 1st Place: (38) Natalie Telscher - Villa Duchesne School
  • 2nd Place:  (39) Sydney Banstetter - Immaculate Conception-Dardenne, Caroline Lynch - Mary Queen of Peace
  • 3rd Place:  (40) Zoe Harrington - Immaculate Conception-Dardenne, Abigail Tichenor - Holy Infant, Lauren Jaggie - St. Joseph-Imperial

5th Grade Boys


  • 1st Place:  (32) Benjamin Berger - St. Elizabeth St. Robert, Evan Wang - St. Gerard Majella
  • 2nd Place:  (33) Nathan Barclay - Immaculate Conception-Dardenne, Jack Wooridge - St. John Lutheran, Blake Skornia-St. Peter-Kirkwood
  • 3rd Place:  (34) Samuel Orlando - St. Peter-Kirkwood, Thomas Nguyen - St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Nolan Kelsey - St. Rose

6th Grade Boys


  • 1st Place:  (29) Gus Winter - St. Catherine Laboure
  • 2nd Place:  (30) Drew Hollman - Immaculate Conception-Dardenne
  • 3rd Place:  (32) Logan Lanfersieck - St. Alban Roe

7th Grade Boys


  • 1st Place:  (30) Andrew Meyers - St. Gerard Majella
  • 2nd Place:  (31) Jack Cronin - St. Joseph-Manchester, Riley Burns - Mary Queen of Peace
  • 3rd Place:  (32) Patrick Ringwald - Assumption

8th Grade Boys


  • 1st Place:  (28) Joe Avery - St. Peter-Kirkwood
  • 2nd Place: (30) Gulshan Kodwani - PRI
  • 3rd Place:  (31) Bennett Cummings - Our Lady of Pillar, Jimmy McLaughlin - St. Angela Merici


2014 CYC Archdiocesan Golf Championship Tournament

The CYC Archdiocesan Golf Championship Tournament was held on Saturday, June 21st.  Boys and Girls from all 5 CYC districts participated in the 9 hole event.  The 5th (Midget) and 6th (Crusader) grade girls and boys played at Family Golf Center in Kirkwood.  The 7th (Cadet) and 8th (Intermediate) grade girls and boys played at the Highlands in Forest Park.  We would like to thank Sue McClure and her South Central group that hosted the Championship.  Great job!  All golfers were treated to a wonderful event.  Below are the 1st thru 3rd place winners in each division:


(L-R) 1st Catherine Cronin (35) - St. Joe-Manchester, 2nd Sofia Gamayo (36) - St. Joseph-Imperial, 3rd Lana Gerard (37) - Our Lady of Lourdes  

Midget Boys:

(L-R) 1st place Josh Hayes (32) St. Catherine Laboure, 3rd place Elijah Shirley (35) Christ Community Lutheran, 1st place Jacob Brewer (32) St. Raphael, 3rd place Joseph Perotti (35) St. Alban Roe, 3rd place Justin Keuss (35) St. Margaret Mary Alaque and not pictured 3rd place Evan Wang (35) St. Gerard

Crusader Girls:

(L-R) 3rd place Claire Solovic (36) St. Joseph-Imperial, 1st place Claire Zang (35) St. Joseph-Manchester and 1st place Emma Buell (35) Mary Queen of Peace

Crusader Boys:

(L-R) 3rd place Drew Barclay (31) Immaculate Conception, 1st place Jack Cronin (28) St. Joseph-Manchester and 1st place Riley Burns (28) Mary Queen of Peace

Cadet Girls:

(L-R) 1st place Leigh Kelly Immaculate Conception-Dardenne and 3rd place Johanna Brewer St. Raphael  not pictured 2nd place Lucy Bloomstran Immacolata.  You may have noticed this photo was taken in the pro shop as lightning cut short the round for some girls.  All girls completed 7 holes, so scores through hole # 7 were used to determine the award winners. 

***SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD*** to Carolyn Lynch who not only self reported she hit a ball that was not hers (2 stroke penalty) but when we tried to award her a 3rd place plaque stated her score was 1 stroke higher than we calculated.  Carolyn, your example is one all of us in the CYC are proud of!!!

Cadet Boys:

(L-R) 3rd place James McLaughlin (36) St. Ann-Normandy, 2nd place Zach Shirley (34) Christ Community Lutheran, 3rd place Joe Avery (36) St. Peter-Kirkwood, 3rd place Ethan Wang (36) St. Gerard and 1st place Brennan Dolnick (33) St. Joseph-Manchester

Intermediate Girls:

(L-R) 3rd place McKenna O'Hearne (40) St. Alban Roe, 2nd place Ashley Fite (39) Sacred Heart-Florissant and 1st place Sydney Hofstetter (38) St. Joachim & Ann 

Intermediate Boys:

(L-R) 3rd place Carson Postal (33) St. Gerard, 1st place Sam Bricker (30) Our Lady of Pillar, 3rd place Christain Chiapel (33) St. Alban Roe and 2nd place (32) Nathan Conroy 

We were very impressed to find so many kids doing their summer reading... reading the greens that is!

Youth Golf General Information

Youth teams are formed through your local Catholic parishes; for information on how to get on a team:

  1. If you are Catholic, contact the parish you are registered in,
  2. If you are non-Catholic, contact the Catholic parish whose boundaries you live within.

If the parish that you are registered in, or that you reside in is unable to, or does not participate in the CYC program, please contact the District that your parish is in or contact our office (314-353-8911 ext. 13) for further information on placement of players on teams that are participating in the Archdiocesan program.

Also remember, all players need an official CYC ID Card to participate in the program.  You can find the upcoming sessions by going to the link above or by calling 314-792-7606.  Lines are longer as the start of the season gets closer.  Check out the upcoming dates now.

Just a reminder, all coaches/volunteers must have completed the Archdiocese's Protecting God's Children Workshop, which is coordinated by Safe Environment Program, as well as have a Missouri Background check done every 2 years, and have read, signed and returned to your parish the Code of Ethical Conduct, These are Archdiocesan requirements that the Catholic Youth Council fully supports.  You should contact your parish for details about these requirements and/or copies of the forms.

All Head Coaches/Managers in the CYC-Sports program also need to have attended the CYC Coaches Training program, "Coaching to Make a Positive Difference", This two hour class needs to be completed prior to the start of your season, and all coaches completing the program will receive a "Coaching Card" containing their official coaching number.  All other coaches need to have a CYC Photo ID Card.

2013 Archdiocesan Golf Championship


On Saturday, June 22nd at Pheasant Run Golf Course the CYC help it's Archdiocesan Championship.  A great big thanks to Todd Meyer, Chris Blase and all the volunteers from the St. Charles/West County districts that hosted the tournament.  Excellent job!  The tournament was well organized and administered, and all the kids enjoyed their experience.  Plus it was completed before the afternoon downpour!  

Congratulations to all the participants who earned the right to represent their district and parishes/organizations at the Championship.  

Images and Beyond Photography shot the event, to see and or purchase their photos, please go to the following websites.  Gallery:  
You may purchase these images, prints or digital files, via our online service. Click on the ‘Buy’ button to begin. To save 20% on your order for the 2013 CYC Golf Championships use the coupon code Take20 at checkout. Coupon expires July 8, 2013.
You might also be interested in viewing the 2012 CYC Golf Championships from last year. Use the coupon code Take50 to receive a 50%. Coupon expires July 8, 2013. discount.
The link to the 2012 Golf Gallery is .

The scores these kids shoot were outstanding!  Below is a list of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place champions, along with their photos:


                   MIDGET GIRLS : Claire Solovic (34), Bailie Kearns (35) and Drew Nienhaus (38)


MIDGET BOYS: Jack Cronin (31), Grant Vineyard (33), Riley Burns, Jacob Brewer & Owen Hnken (34)


                   CRUSADER GIRLS: Leigha Kelly (28), Lucy Bloomstran (30) and Nancy Serafin (36)


                    CRUSADER BOYS: Brennan Dolnick (27), Joseph Avery and Drew Schwager (29)


                       CADET GIRLS: Ashley Fite (30), Ashton Sinak and McKenna O'Hearne (34)


                 CADET BOYS: Tom Flickinger (27), Ben Blase, Carson Postal and Alex Cammarata (30)


   INTERMEDIATE GIRLS: Grace Goga & Elizabeth Hawkins (33), Kayleigh Fite & Lucy Youngblood (34) 


           INTERMEDIATE BOYS: Jodan Merkel (26), Drew Decker, Triston Buckley & Jacob Larson (28)

Images and Beyond took photos at the CYC Archdiocesan Golf Championship.  As soon as that gallery of  photos is on their website, we will post the link here, so you can view and purchase if you wish.


2012 Archdiocesan Golf Championship

To view and order additional photos from the Archdiocesan Golf Championships, go to Images Today and Beyond at .
The CYC Archdiocesan Golf Championships were held Saturday, June 23rd at Tower Tee Golf Course. 159 Girls and Boys represented their districts at the championships. No one had a better start than Seven Holy Founders 7th grader, Joseph Conroy. On his first shot of the day, on the par 3, 94 yard 16th hole, his ball found the green...the flag... and the bottom of the cup! HOLE IN ONE! Wow, what a start. Congratulations Joseph!

He was not the only good golfer on the course. A few golfers shot under par for their 9 hole rounds. The Midget and Crusader divisions played the front 9 holes and the Cadet and Intermediate played the back 9. Below are the top 3 finishers in each of the divisions.

Midget Girls: Leigha Kelly - IC-Dardenne 30, Caroline Lynch - MQP 37, Cassandra Aegreter - Assumption 37

Midget Boys: Brennan Dolnick - St. Joe-Manchester 25, Riley Burns - MQP 30, Jack Cronin - St. Joe- Manchester 30

Crusader Girls: Karlie Kremer - QAS 35, Brooke Granada - Assumption 37, Abbigayle Loveless - St. Alban Roe 39

Crusader Boys: Christian Chiapel - St. Alban Roe 28, Ben Blase - Ascension 29, Louie Perotti - St. Alban Roe and Nick Sippel - QAS 30

Cadet Girls: Emma Solovic - St. Joe-Imperial 33, Veronica Loomis - St. Rose 35, Grace Standbrook - MQP 37

Cadet Boys: Max Twardowski - Ste. Genevieve DuBois 26, Sam Harrison - St. Gerard and Joseph Conroy - SHF 28

Intermediate Girls: Isabella Leeker - OLOL 32, Kali McClure - Vizitation 34, Carlee Cronin - St. Angela Merici 37

Intermediate Boys: Austin Schettler - St. John Lutheran 26, Kyle Sachs - IC-Dardenne 27, Peter Reardon - Holy Redeemer and Johnny Antonacci - SMMA 29

Congratulations to all the golfers for a fine season and earning the chance to compete in the championship!

To view and order additional photos from the Archdiocesan Golf Championships, go to Images Today and Beyond at .


2011 Archdiocesan Golf Championship

The 2011 Archdiocesan Golf Championships were held Sunday, June 26th at Eagle Springs Golf Course. This event was hosted by the North County District. The CYC would like to thank the North County Golf Coordinator, Eric Westrich, all the volunteers and the folks at Eagle Springs that made for an enjoyable afternoon of golf for the girls, boys and their families.  There were over 1800 golfers playing in the CYC program in 2011.  Each of the 5 districts sent their top 4 golfers per division to the Archdiocesan Championship.  Congratulations to all the golfers that qualified to play in the Championship.

If you would like to order 2011 Golf Championship Apparel, click and download the Order Form, and return it to the CYC Office by Tuesday, July 5th

Each golfer that qualified was one of the best 20 CYC golfers in their age group. Click Here to view complete results.  Below is a list and photo of medalist and their parish/school by division:

Midget Girls Medalists

1st - Leigha Kelly, Immacolate Conception - Dardenne
2nd - Karlie Kremer, Queen of All Saints
3rd - Abby McClure, Mary Queen of Peace

Midget Boys Medalists

1st - Brennan Dolnick, St. Joseph - Manchester
2nd - Jacob Muth, St. Gerard Majella
3rd - Nathaniel Conroy, Seven Holy Founders
3rd - Jack Cronin, St. Joseph - Manchester
3rd - Ben Blase, Gateway
Crusader Girls Medalists
1st - Lucy Youngblood, St. Clare of Assisi
2nd - Emma Solovic, St. Joseph - Imperial
3rd - Kate Keuss, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Crusader Boys Medalists
1st - Max Twardowski, Ste. Genevieve DuBois
2nd - Patrick Mooney, Chaminade
3rd - David Kinneson, Sacred Heart
3rd - Trevor Kroese, Sts. Joachim & Ann
3rd - Joseph Conroy, Seven Holy Founders
Cadet Girls Medalists
1st - Isabella Leeker, Our Lady of Lourdes
2nd - Carlee Cronin, St. Angela Merici
3rd - Kali McClure, Mary Queen of Peace
3rd - Allison Tichenor, Ascension
Cadet Boys Medalists
1st - Frankie Thomas, Ascension
2nd - Austin Schettler, St. John Lutheran
3rd - Paul Henken, Annunciation
3rd - Trevor Wilhelm, Assumption

Intermediate Girls Medalists
1st - Elise McDonough, St. Gerard Majella
2nd - Katie Scheffer, Immaculate Conception - Dardenne
3rd - Michelle Lewis, St. John Bosco
Intermediate Boys Medalists
1st - Satchel Conroy, Seven Holy Founders
2nd - Tommy Rudawsky, Chaminade
3rd - Matt Johnson, Chaminade
3rd - Travis Gaw, Sacred Heart

2011 CYC Golf by District

Golf programs in 5 of our 6 districts will begin in April and run through the Archdiocesan Championships which will be played on Sunday, June 26th at Eagle Springs Golf Course.  For information about the golf programs in each district, please visit each district's website:

North County -

West County and St. Charles -

South Central -

South County -


2010 Archdiocesan Golf Playoff Championships

The 2010 Archdiocesan Golf Championships were held Saturday, June 26th at Pheasant Run Golf Course.  This event was hosted by the South Central District.  The CYC would like to thank both the Pheasant Run Golf Course and the South Central District for hosting an outstanding event.  The Championships offered a chance to further expand each players golf experience and an opportunity to compete against golfers from the entire St Louis area.  Congratulations to all the golfers that qualified to play in the Championship.  Each golfer that qualified was one of the best 20 CYC golfers in their age group.  Below is a list and photo of medalist and their parish/school by division:

Midget Girls Medalists
1st - Grace Standbrook, Mary Queen of Peace  
2nd - Claire Dalton, St. Norbert
3rd - Lucy Youngblood, St. Clare of Assisi
3rd - Kate Keuss, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
3rd - Emma Solovic, St. Joseph - Imperial
Midget Boys Medalists
1st - Jack Cronin, Gateway Academy
2nd - Brennan Dolnick, St. Joseph - Manchester
3rd - Trevor Kroese, St. Joseph - Cottleville
Crusader Girls Medalists
1st - Isabella Leeker, Our Lady of Lourdes
2nd - Sophia Roth, St. Gerard Majella
3rd - Kali McClure, Mary Queen of Peace
3rd - Carlee Cronin, St. Angela Merici
Crusader Boys Medalists
1st - Austin Schettler, St. John Lutheran
2nd - Drew Faust, St. Joseph - Manchester
3rd - Blake Freund, Immaculate Conception - Dardenne
3rd - Trevor Wilhelm, Assumption
Cadet Girls Medalist                                                                                                                                     
1st - Michelle Campbell, St. Alban Roe
2nd - Katie Scheffer, Immaculate Conception - Dardenne
3rd - Michelle Lewis, St. John Bosco
Cadet Boys Medalists
1st - Satchel Conroy, Seven Holy Founders
2nd - Kyle Cool, Immaculate Conception
3rd - Spencer Cox, St. Alban Roe (not pictured)
3rd - Grant Standbrook, Mary Queen of Peace
Intermediate Girls Medalists
1st - Rachael Pearson, St. Paul
2nd - Alexandra Vietor, Christ Prince of Peace
3rd - Rachel Essmyer, St. Francis of Assisi
Intermediate Boys Medalsits
1st - Ryan Schowalter, St. Joseph - Manchester
2nd - Michael Reardon, Sacred Heart - Valley Park
3rd - Brendan Keuss, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
3rd - Matt Mueller, Assumption
To View a Gallery of Images of the CYC Golf Championships, click here.




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