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2019 CYC Lacrosse

We are partnering with US Lacrosse and Lou Fusz to host a TryLax Clinic AND a Coaches Clinic on November 3 at Rams Park.


  • The TryLax Clinic is geared towards new players, but open to all and is Co-Ed. The cost is $35 and includes a Lacrosse stick, a practice ball, a t-shirt, and a one-year membership to US Lacrosse (not a bad value). Please send this out to ALL of your players. The clinic is from 12:30-2:00pm on November 3rd. Click here to register for the TryLax.
  • The Coaches Clinic is hosted earlier that morning from 9:00-12:00 at Rams Park. It is open to all coaches and will focus on running practices, drills, and how to develop your young players. Then the coaches will be encouraged to stick around for the TryLax and help run the clinic for the youth. I certainly encourage all CYC coaches to participate if you are available. Click here to register for the Coaches Clinic.

Please spread the word about both of these events, especially to Parishes and Coaches that are new to CYC Lacrosse. This is a great way to improve our league and continue to expand the sport in St. Louis. As always, please let me know if you have any other questions!!

We are working hard to grow the sport of Lacrosse in the St. Louis area. Here are some key areas of improvement in the off-season:

  • RECRUIT TEAMS- Already looking forward to next year, we are really going to push to grow the league and do what we can to invite more parishes and schools to join CYC Lacrosse for the first time. I have heard from a lot of parishes and parents across the area that expressed interest in getting a team together, but were unsure that they could make it happen. Please contact if you are interested in starting a team at your school or parish.
  • RULEBOOK- We are going to spend a lot of time this offseason developing a full CYC Lacrosse rulebook. All of the “on-field” rules will be identical with the US Lacrosse rules for the age of the players, and we will clearly state the CYC specific “off-field” rules pertaining to player eligibility, free agent players, playoffs, etc.
  • RECRUIT OFFICIALS- We are going to push hard to recruit more Officials for next year. This was obviously a pain-point for the 2018 season, specifically on the girls side. This may mean increasing our Stipend to officials to compete with other leagues, and possibly requiring each team to provide at least one person (coach, parent, past player, etc) from their parish that will be trained as an official.

If you are interested in being an Official in the 2019 season for Boys or Girls Lacrosse, please submit your name here.

Results from Past CYC Lacrosse Seasons


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2010 Boys Lacrosse Schedule 

2018 Boys LAX Schedule and Results.pdf81.24 KB
2018 Girls LAX Schedule and Results.pdf98.95 KB