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Sections:  Youth Lacrosse

Lacrosse Stick

2019 CYC Lacrosse

Division Schedules:

5/6 Grade Boys

5/6 Grade Girls

7/8 Grade Boys

7/8 Grade Girls

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Rule Books:

Starting in 2019, all CYC Lacrosse rules will be consistent with the US Lacrosse Rulebooks. Those can be found at the links below.

Our 5th-6th Grade leagues will play according to the 12U rulebooks.
Our 7th-8th Grade leagues will play according to the 14U rulebooks

Boys Rulebooks
Girls Rulebooks

Results from Past CYC Lacrosse Seasons


2018 Girls Schedule and Results as of 5/21/18
2018 Boys Schedule and Results of of 5/21/18

2018 Boys LAX Schedule and Results.pdf81.24 KB
2018 Girls LAX Schedule and Results.pdf98.95 KB