CYC Bob Guelker Memorial Soccer Tournament

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65th Annual CYC Bob Guelker Memorial Soccer Tourney - 2019

Dates: September 30 through October 5, 2019


Giving back to the Community Together
In 2019, we will brand our tournament as a “Choose Your Charity” tournament.

We will encourage each team in the tournament to “play for” the charity of their choice. You and your team can choose a charity, and use that week to build some awareness of that charity on social media, and through communications. Maybe even set up a time for the team to do a service project during the season, or visit the charity. We would love to take team pictures of your teams holding a sign of what charity they choose to play for, and post those online. Additionally, you could choose to do a fundraiser that week to raise some funds, collect canned goods, etc. I think this would be a fun way for all of our teams to work together for the community and make this tournament have a lasting impact.

If your school would be interested in entering a Boys JV Soccer tournament, please e-mail

64th Annual CYC Bob Guelker Memorial Soccer Tourney - 2018

2018 Tournament Schedules and Standings:

Articles posted on about the tournament games:

2018 Msgr. Meyer Division- FINAL.pdf102.4 KB
2018 Msgr. Walsh-Sullivan Division-FINAL.pdf114.8 KB