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Youth Volleyball - General Information

The CYC Volleyball season runs from August through November.

PLEASE NOTE: "Out of respect for the minor age players on our teams, the CYC Sports Department requests that all visitors refrain from publicly posting any videos or pictures of CYC sponsored events unless the visitor has the express written permission from the player's parents or the CYC Sports Department to do so. This includes but is not limited to online photo-sharing and posting videos to YouTube or similar applications."

Youth Volleyball Championships

2018 Archdiocesan CYC Volleyball Championships

Dates of Play:
Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, 2018

Host Districts:
Girls & Parochial Boys - South County
Boys - St. Charles

2018 Archdiocesan CYC GIRLS Volleyball Championships

Click Here to Download the 2018 GIRLS Volleyball Championships Scores and Standings!

Girls Champions and Runners-Up:

Division Champion Runner-Up
5th Grade Closed Sts. Joachim & Ann St. Patrick (Wentzville)
5th Grade Open Our Lady (Festus) St. Alban Roe
6th Grade Closed Seton Regional Catholic School St. Catherine Laboure
6th Grade Open Our Lady (Festus) St. Alban Roe
7th Grade Closed All Saints (St. Peters) Assumption (Mattese)
7th Grade Open St. Catherine Laboure Immaculate Conception (Dardenne)
8th Grade Closed St. Mark St. Gabriel the Archangel
8th Grade Open Assumption (O'Fallon) Sacred Heart (Valley Park)
Parochial Assumption (O'Fallon) St. Catherine Laboure


2018 Archdiocesan CYC BOYS Volleyball Championships

Click Here to Download the 2018 BOYS Volleyball Championships Scores and Standings!

Boys Champions and Runners-Up:

Division Champion Runner-Up
5th Grade Closed St. Paul (Fenton) Ascension (Chesterfield)
5th Grade Open St. Justin Martyr  xx
6th Grade Closed Ste. Genevieve DuBois Immaculate Conception (Dardenne)
6th Grade Open Ascension (Chesterfield) St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
7th Grade Closed Sacred Heart (Florissant) Our Lady (Festus)
7th Grade Open St. Paul (Fenton) Sacred Heart (Valley Park)
8th Grade Closed St. Gabriel the Archangel St. Joseph (Manchester)
8th Grade Open St. Paul (Fenton) - Gresham Christ, Prince of Peace

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St. Louis CYC Volleyball Club

It was with heavy hearts that the directors of the St. Louis CYC Volleyball Club informed it's coaching staff and this year's current players that the Club will cease operations after the 2016 Junior National Championship in July.

We extend a big thank you to our current and past coaches, you have been what has made us so special and good over the past 30 years.  You have touched and properly directed the lives of many young people.

We would also like to thank the many, many outstanding persons/players that have participated in our program.  You have represented yourselves, our club and the City of St. Louis as great ambassadors.

/sites/ letter announcing ceasing of operations

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