Today Is A New Day

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On August 31st, I was appointed the new CYC Sports Director. I am truly honored. My name is Dan Fitzgerald. I am married with three daughters. I am a life-long parishioner of St Mary Magdalen in Brentwood. I have worked in the CYC office since May 2017. Not very long you say. True, however, I started officiating and coaching CYC sports at St MM in 1975. Many, many games on the court; on the bench; in the stands. Wonderful experiences and life-long friendships all the result of CYC sports.

Many years ago, I purchased a Schwinn Varsity 10 speed. I loved that bike. Rode it to school; rode it work; rode it all over St Louis. It was a large frame; a comfortable fit. A few weeks ago, I decided to donate it to local bicycle recycling effort. The bike was still in good shape, it was just time for a change.

CYC Sports is in a similar place. For seventy-seven years they have been a dependable choice for kids to have fun in a variety of sports. The program is in good shape, thanks to faithful leadership over the years, both in our office, and in our parishes. The CYC has guided our kids through the ups and downs of sports and the twists and turns of life. Even though we are comfortable with the ride, it is time for new model.


The new CYC logo is displayed at the top of this article. It tells you a lot about our program. We are surrounded by our faith (Archdiocese of St Louis) and our history (established in 1941). At the core, is our pride in St Louis and devotion to Mary and the Holy Trinity (the Fleur de Lis symbol) and our program (CYC). We have customized the logo for each district and each CYC sport. Our plan is to feature the new logo on CYC apparel to be made available to all and for you to use the logo in your CYC program. For logo information, go to:


A new emphasis on three core values for our CYC organization:

1. SPORTSMANSHIP – The way we play the game is important. We will play the right way, we will be examples of mercy, and we will never over-dominate anyone. Everyone on the CYC team should have a chance to play, both in the game, and at practice. All should learn how to win and lose with class. When the other team plays better than your team, offer them genuine congratulations. When you are the better team accept praise humbly. The handshake line should be a model for sportsmanship. Parents should encourage players and cheer for good play. Officials should give their best effort for all games, and when they make mistakes, they should not be ridiculed or insulted. Be a good teammate. Everyone will show respect for yourself, your team, your coaches, the officials, and the game.

2. EXEMPLIFY THE FAITH – We will exemplify Christ in our playing and by living lives of virtue. We will lead, play, and cheer with integrity so that all people will see us as a positive, living example of the Church. CYC stands for Catholic Youth Council. Everyone should model the Catholic faith when participating in CYC sports. We love one another. We care about each other. We pray for, and with, each other, not just before the game, but after the game, and at practice. As players, we are good teammates, meaning we treat each other as equals. As coaches, we strive to model the Catholic faith. CYC coaches are extremely impressionable to their players. Many of us can remember the positive influence our CYC coaches had on us growing up. Be that coach to your players. Attend Mass as a team. Invite another team in your league to join your team at Mass and do something fun afterwards.

3. SERVICE – All of us have been given unique gifts and talents by God. These talents should be used on the field and in the community. Service gives us the opportunity to use those gifts for others. Helping others, whether it’s your teammates, or members of your parish community, is an important aspect of our Catholic faith. CYC teams should look for opportunities to serve. Help a teammate who is experiencing a tough time. Volunteer at a parish function. Most parishes have organizations who help the needy of the community. Find out how you can participate. All of these are great team-building activities that will strengthen the bond of your players to each other and provide them a chance to serve others. 

These are just a few points concerning our core values. We will devote more time to each of these soon. Everyone in the CYC program needs to emphasize these core values in all that we do. Put them on t-shirts, on banners in your gym and at your field, discuss them at your meetings, highlight them in your parish bulletin or school newsletters. We need to use these values to improve our sports culture. The CYC needs to be the leader in promoting the right way to play the game. We need to be better.

In the next few months, we will be reaching out to all of you to listen to your ideas and concerns in regards to the CYC program. Through your district, we will hold “open forum” events where we will hear your suggestions and let you know what we are thinking. Look for more information on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed concerning these events.

To contact me call 314-792-7253 or e-mail If you would like to stop by and talk, let me know.

Time to shine up the new bike and take it for a ride.